Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is (Almost) Spinal Tap

I am a casual fan of Christopher Guest and some of his dry parody films, like “A Mighty Wind,” “This is Spinal Tap” and “Best in Show.” So when my friend Angela approached me with a free ticket to a concert last night by Guest and actors Michael McKean and Harry Shearer, in which they sang songs from their films, I said, “Sure!”

(“Free” being the operative word...)

It was a funny show, especially, I suspect, for those who really know the films and the characters. I was a little lost during some of the numbers, but they stand well on their own so you don’t really need a whole lot of context. And all three are genuinely good musicians.

Talk about things I never expected to do!

(Photo: "Mesterious" street art in Brooklyn, May 2009)


  1. Isn't it funny how our eyes often skip the mistakes for the meaning? I didn't even detect the misspelling until I read your citation at the end and thought you had made a typo. But then I don't ever recall seeing a typo in anything you had written...

  2. Mesterious. mephistophelian. kitty. (Belonged to one of the dwarves in the Stonehenge scene of Spinal Tap):

    Mesterious. Mesmerizing. Druidic minds...

    OK. Back to work for me. Have a good one, Steve!

  3. I love fun surprises, and also believe that laughing at stupid jokes is deeply healing. Sounds like a blast! Bravo!!

  4. I would have loved that show. Guest's Mockumentarys are terrific.