Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I really have nothing much to say today, so I'm sharing with you some photos I took Saturday. I found a couple of pieces by a graffiti artist known as ChickenKid. I especially like the one on the door above.

My brother was teasing me the other day because when I restarted my blog I made a big stink about busting out of the confines of my once-a-day posting schedule. And yet here I am, posting once a day. I guess that just makes sense to me, and as much as I'd like to be more rebellious, it's my pattern. I am a person of routines!


  1. I understand totally about the need to write daily. Lately I've been having to search hard for something to say when at other times the topics are lining up and saying "Pick me!"

    At least you have an unending lineup of pictures even if you might be short on words sometimes.

    BTW, is UtahDog your brother?

  2. The more posts the better, I say. :)

  3. Steve, try as I may, I cannot get past the idea that Chickenkid painted on someone else's door.

  4. You're doing exactly what you feel like doing on the blog. That's the only thing that counts. Being constrained to be rebellious doesn't make any sense!

    I've loved the way you've expanded some of your posts, told stories, extended the written piece.

    Let's face it - I love your blog! Once a day or whenever. Cheers!

  5. Barbara: I know what you mean -- sometimes I'm overflowing with ideas, and other times, nada. Yeah, Utahdog is my bro.

    Mark: Indeed, though I hate feeling like I SHOULD post when I really don't want to! That's what I'm trying to get away from, I think.

    Giardigno: Not really. I post every morning while I have my coffee. You get into the habit!

    Merle: I understand. If it were my building, it would give me pause, though I honestly think if it were a good piece I wouldn't mind.

    Reya: Thanks! You're the best encouragement ever, and always a reasonable, balancing voice. :)

  6. i do find routines to be most useful at times!!!

    i'm happy you have returned to blogging, you were most missed - it's comforting (like a routine) to know that there will be some wonderful treat waiting for me whenever I get over to shadows and light!!

    i like the chickenkid stuff - reminds me a bit of that old 1960s comic artist whose name escapes me at the moment.

  7. What can I say? I'm all about mocking my elders.

  8. Yes, Ckid's work reminds of a 60's artist also. It looks similar to the black and white cartoons of the "spies" I in Mad Magazine. I love the look.

  9. dear person of routines: as long as you continue to see this blog as a manifestation of your nature and not an obligation, it will serve its purpose well.

    signed: person of routines that makes your blog a routine stop every morning.