Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Feng Shui

I went to a presentation during lunch yesterday about Feng Shui, the Chinese principles of design that are supposed to provide a happier, healthier environment. (We don’t have these sorts of lunchtime discussions every day, by the way -- this was a special event by a woman who used to work at my office and now makes Feng Shui her career.)

I don’t know much about Feng Shui, but I learned some interesting things. The idea is to maintain a balance between five essential elements -- wood, fire, water, metal and earth. Different colors and shapes belong to each element, and there are also basic principles about orienting furniture in a room and the ways that furniture should be designed for optimum comfort. If done correctly, Feng Shui (which means “wind and water”) prevents blockages to the flow of Qi, or energy, that must be able to take a slow, meandering path through your home.

I think there’s some truth to Feng Shui, based on what little I now know. It makes sense that certain furniture designs would make us feel more secure and therefore happier and more prosperous. I’m not sure I buy all the specifics, but I do believe in energy flow, so I can see how it could work.

Fortunately, my apartment seems pretty good by Feng Shui standards. I might need a bit more fire in the room. Maybe I should go buy a couple of red pillows or something?

(Photo: At the supermarket, Jacksonville, Fla., June 2009)


  1. Why don't you ask the Feng Shui person to critique your apartment so as to maximize your Qi flow? :)

    I like your apartment just as it is!

  2. More fire in your apartment is something to be careful with.

  3. I think the specific work very well in China but maybe not so much here. We have our own kind of feng shui, based on our culture. You definitely "get" it - the way you're always clearing away old stuff, allowing light and air to flow through your space.

    You have a great feng shui going in your apartment - and all around your personal energy field, too.

    I dreamed last night that the NY Times building was on fire. You were standing outside, grim, filming it with one of those huge TV cameras. ??? Weird, eh?

  4. Reya, that is totally a metaphor for the state of journalism as an industry! I'm a grim observer, all right.

  5. or just a bit of something orangey?

  6. Hey,

    Blogger made me comment anon. on the last post. I hope Armenia is better. I do remember our trip to Picnic Island long ago...

    Mike and I took photos all over St. Pete last September, that was in the downtown area.

  7. Love this empty, and yet so full...