Saturday, April 17, 2010

Empire of Light

When Dave and I were in Provincetown, we were walking back from dinner one night when we passed this house. I liked the way the lamplight fell against the wall and the surrounding foliage, so when we got back to our room, I grabbed my camera and went out to shoot it. I wound up taking several night shots that I liked.

The house reminds me of one of Rene Magritte's "Empire of Light" paintings, which have long been favorites of mine:

I don't have that dramatic blue sky, but you can't have everything!

1 comment:

  1. Night scenes add a starkness to the image that isn't there when blue sky and sun are there to fill in the back ground.

    I saw a very tall mutual friend of ours tonight. We talked about all the changes in your life and decided you are approaching the uncertainty with an admirable zen-like quality. Greetings to you from Harlan.