Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Now that I've shocked everyone with my views on population control, let's have a nice non-controversial post today. How about two cute cats that I photographed while wandering in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago?

I'm going into the city today to take care of some business and to lead my final meeting as president of my co-op. After today's elections I will no longer be on the co-op board. Woo hoo! After five years, I am SO ready to turn over the reins.


  1. They are very cute cats.

    I loved your controversial post. Hoping we'll see many more of them!

    I like the noncontroversial ones, too.

    Bravo and congrats on completing your tenure as co-op pres. Wish I could buy you a drink afterwards. Cheers!

  2. I don't like cats. You should have combined your mandatory population control ideas with this cat post garbage...then you'd really be onto something.

  3. A cat post. Lovely !! I laughed at Utahdogs comment.

    I understand your relief at giving up the co-op post - I am quitting our owners corporation committee, citing not 'personal reasons' but incompatability, after 21 years on the blasted committee.

    The population rant was interesting. My question is how do you think the problem could be solved? Tricky I think.

    There you are Steve, a comment that has stopped just short of a rant.

    Ms Soup

  4. I'm sure the condo did well under your reign!

  5. Serving on a board of anything is exhausting and thankless. You're a good man, Steve.