Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Firefly

I was taking a walk last night when I saw my first firefly of the season -- a sure sign that spring is giving way to summer. And this morning when I went bike riding, I kept catching the scent of jasmine (or honeysuckle?) sweetening the air. It's a great time to be outside!

Suburban pleasures aside, Dave and I are going into the city tonight to have dinner with my friend David. We're going to Haru, a sushi place near Union Square. (I'm not a huge sushi fan, but David likes it a lot and this dinner is for his birthday.) Then I'm going to stay over in my apartment tonight and go on a photography walk tomorrow. I feel very overdue for spending some time hoofing it in an urban environment -- and there's been a lot of street art activity lately, so I need to catch up!

I just finished re-reading Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass." It's often thought of as children's literature, but it's pretty entertaining even for adults -- especially those of us who love Jefferson Airplane's "Go Ask Alice" and the double entendre of all the drug allusions. (I'm not confessing anything here!) I read an old copy of my mom's from her childhood, which added to the experience.

(Photo: "For sale" on the Upper West Side, a few weeks ago.)


  1. I should re-read those books, especially "Through the Looking Glass." I mean really!!

    I, too, saw the first fireflies last night. Summer is here!! xx

  2. I hope your friend David enjoyed his birthday dinner. I had those books as a kid and would love a re-visit now. Conchita is an interesting piece; I had no idea you had a fascination for ladies in shoulder pads...where will you put her? The last Banksy looks intriguing...As for summer, I'm seeing Love Bugs here, a sure sign...

    Good luck with the writing and reporting...I miss the writing but not the other stuff that sometimes comes with it...

  3. Happy birthday to Dave. How can you not love sushi? Even if you're not a fan of raw fish (which I am), there's great vegetarian sushi and sushi made with cooked fish. I especially like the pickled ginger. This makes me want a maki roll right now!

    I may revisit Alice & company. I just saw an ad for the movie and it made me remember how much I liked those stories as a kid before I knew what a double-entendre was.