Saturday, May 15, 2010

Skylark Diner

Is this a groovy building, or what? It's the Skylark Diner in the nearby town of Edison, where Dave and I went to dinner with our friend Bill on Monday night. I've been driving past this place for months thinking, "I really need to go there," being a huge fan of mid-century architecture. I think this is actually a newer restaurant made to look mid-century, but never mind -- it's still cool.

(Check out these photos.)

The food was interesting -- it's not your typical diner fare. It was a little more artistic. I had a lemongrass-marinated turkey burger with grilled pineapple and mango salsa. Awesome!


  1. That hardly sounds like diner fare. I love the look of the building. So retro! Who knew there would be so many cool things like this in NJ?!

  2. its a very groovy diner

    and clearly has a rather groovy menu

  3. My first job out of high school was in a place that looked similar. Memories of the 60s for those of us who can remember the 60s.