Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yesterday I was wandering the Upper East Side with my camera when I came across a couple of framed artworks discarded by some trash cans on the sidewalk. One, a sort of montage of Spanish bullfighter scenes, was hideous. The other was quite nice: a pencil portrait of an attractive woman in a suit, her eyes watching something to the side, her hair wafting in the breeze. I named her Conchita and decided to take her home.

Salvaging Conchita meant temporarily abandoning my photography walk and heading immediately to the subway, lugging a heavy frame. (Conchita is protected by a sheet of glass.) The frame is filthy -- it looks like it's been stored in a closet or basement for years. But the artwork, from what I can tell, is still in great shape.

I got Conchita home and propped her up for this very inadequate iPhone photo, so I could show Dave what I'd found. (I'm sure he thinks I'm crazy.) The art is signed Randall W. Parker, and I'd guess it's an '80s piece, judging from the overall style and Conchita's obvious shoulder pads.

Manhattan is the best place in the world for finding stuff on the sidewalk!


  1. Maybe the real Conchita will read your Blog and fill you in on the history of the piece. Many of us have recycled art work in our attics that stays there until we die or move, at which point it often goes out on the street to be picked up by random photographers like you. Great find!

  2. Looks like a Bianca to me. Great find! I totally would have snagged it.

  3. Remember how Bianca jagger always wore suits like this? w/ jewelry and pins or a handkerchief in the top pocket?

  4. You know, it could very well be Bianca Jagger. Thanks for spotting that! I have to do some research!