Friday, July 22, 2011

Housing Update

We're no longer living in a hotel, thank goodness. That was fine for a while, but being confined to a single room with no kitchen and no real space can get pretty tiring. Even with the city of London at our disposal, we were getting a little stir-crazy, and we were ready to move out when our employer-paid reservation there ended yesterday morning.

But we haven't yet moved into our new apartment, either. We did sign the lease, and we're waiting for information from the landlord to send him the deposits. It will be available on the 26th. We're excited to have a place!

So for a few days we needed temporary living quarters. Fortunately the school owns a three-story house adjacent to its campus, used for meetings and storage, and we're temporarily living there. It's very comfortable, with a furnished apartment downstairs and not one but two kitchens. Dave plans to cook tonight, ending a long dry spell that would be difficult for any dedicated chef.

We're now even closer to The Beatles' "Abbey Road" crosswalk, which I visited when we first arrived. It's literally right around the corner!

(Photo: A leaf on the sidewalk in St. John's Wood.)

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  1. Congratulations on the housing upgrade. I hope you will be in your apartment soon. Meanwhile I will work out to "Abbey Road" today in your honor! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that music!

    Is Dave making prime rib with Yorkshire pudding?!