Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Dave and I had a small-town Fourth of July yesterday. We went to Saugatuck, on the shore of Lake Michigan, and spent the day browsing in little shops and watching the local Fourth of July parade. I'd spent the morning groaning about how boring parades are, but then I watched this one in its entirety and thought it was a hoot. So much for my preconceived notions.

The weather was spectacular. About 80 degrees, beautifully sunny. You couldn't ask for better. We popped into the local Tabor Hill Winery shop and bought a few bottles, and had a light lunch at Pumpernickel's, a restaurant on the main drag where we could see the parade from an upstairs patio.

This is our second visit to Saugatuck. When we went last year we had the dogs with us. This time we were able to walk and browse much more freely, though of course we missed our slobbery companions.

Last night on the way home, we met some friends at "Salt of the Earth," a restaurant in Fennville, for dinner. We liked the entrees -- I had lake whitefish with a corn and crab relish. But I give a big thumbs-down to my dessert, a modified S'more as big as a twin-sized mattress and waaaaaaay too sweet. The size alone was almost disgusting. Note to chef: Bigger doesn't always mean better.

(Photo: On the patio at lunch in Saugatuck.)

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  1. small town parades are always a hoot!

    here's to expectations that get turned around!!!