Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sky Garden

In our vacation quest to catch up on some London activities we haven't yet had a chance to enjoy, Dave and I went to the Sky Garden on Tuesday morning.

The Sky Garden is an enclosed indoor garden and cafe at the top of the relatively new building first nicknamed the Walkie-Talkie, and then (after reflections from its glass windows melted plastic parts of cars on the street) dubbed the Walkie-Scorchie.

Indoors there's no sign of scorching. The multi-level Sky Garden is full of tree ferns and other plants, all looking quite lush and healthy.

This is the view that greets visitors when they come off the elevator. Wave to The Shard!

Morning turned out to be a great time to visit -- the light was quite dramatic. Dave and I had reserved a table at the Sky Pod bar, where we had pastries and coffee. (Dave indulged in a bloody mary as well.)

The view was not bad.

After we ate we stepped out onto the terrace, which offered a blustery panorama of the Thames. The architecture does amazing things with sunlight -- aside from melting cars, I mean. (And actually, in all fairness to the building, that problem has apparently been fixed!)


  1. I like your last shot best. Glad you're getting some fun on your break...

  2. That was a great day out! Can we do that again some time? To hell with the house-keeping - life's too short.

    Ms Soup

  3. Wow! I shall tell my daughter about that place. Thanks for the heads up Steve.

  4. what an incredible outing. love the light

  5. I would probably spend my entire time there wandering about the plants. How lovely!

  6. This is on my list of places to visit. What a view! I hope I have a day like you did when I finally get there.

  7. Great sky view of London. I've never been there but it's obviously a very dense city.

  8. I kinda love - and am kind of creeped out by - the blankets at each chair ... but overall that place looks beautiful and peaceful.