Thursday, December 16, 2021

Yes You Can

I came across this bizarre shopfront in London Bridge train station. Eye-catching colors, but activist teddy bears in tropical prints? With donuts?

We're having kind of a crazy week at work. It's a special daily schedule because the high schoolers are (in theory) taking final exams at the end of the term. But it seems like many teachers aren't giving exams, so the end result is a lot of kids wandering aimlessly around the building for several hours. The library has been packed with students waiting for something to happen. They're all chatting and hanging out and the noise levels have been setting my teeth on edge. We're not "shushers" in our library, unless someone's doing something really out of hand, so I don't try to keep them quiet. I just grin and bear it. Just two more days until break! (And tomorrow is a half-day -- woo hoo!)

1. Still waiting patiently
2. I wholeheartedly agree
3. Reputational privilege!
4. Proven inaccurate almost immediately after eating my fortune cookie


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Perhaps you and your colleagues (American: cow-workers) need training in how to shush. A library should be a very quiet place that allows people to read or think without distraction. It should never be allowed to become a talking shop in my humble opinion so "Shussssssh!" or better still "SHUT THE **** UP!"

Andrew said...

I would complain very loudly to the librarian if there was noise in the library.

I hope your investments in finances, school and life all prove to be profitable.

e said...

If the kids are not taking exams why come to school? During my high school finals we only came to school when we actually had exams tp take otherwise we studied either in the library or at home and no one was wandering the halls.

Steve Reed said...

We've been asking the same question!

Steve Reed said...

We have a silent area for silent study, but the main library allows talking. (As long as it doesn't get TOO crazy, which is entirely subjective. :) )

Steve Reed said...

"Cow-workers" is not an American expression, despite the USA's reputation as a land of lasso-twirling livestock herders.

Moving with Mitchell said...

I just read about Joy Bomb London. Given that window display, I wouldn’t hire them.

So, do you wash dishes? Also, I wouldn’t care if MY patience were soon to be rewarded. I don’t have the time to wait around!

Jennifer said...

Things are very much the same way at my school, Steve. Kids wandering the halls and being entirely too loud....exhausted teachers and staff....parents showing up stressed out and upset...tomorrow (also a half day for us) can't get here fast enough!

Colette said...

I enjoyed your dialogue with the fortune cookie messages. How long does your break last?

Bob said...

Who knew teddy bears were so revolutionary.

Ellen D. said...

An interesting variety of fortunes! I think you have been patient and you will be rewarded with your break! It will be terrific!

Wilma said...

You need better fortune cookies! Enjoy your break.

Ms. Moon said...

Uh- is Joy Bomb London all about furries? Have you heard of furries?
That is a kink I cannot understand.
Or perhaps it isn't about furries. Who knows? Not me. But that is a bizarre window.
I am sure that break cannot possibly come soon enough for you.

Ed said...

Times have certainly changed. When I was in school, we weren't allowed to roam. If we finished, we had the option of sitting quietly at our desk or doing homework quietly at our desk. Quietly was a word in both options.

Tasker Dunham said...

We used to get shushed just for having loud footsteps.

robin andrea said...

Oh my editing brain just can't get past the "It's easier to add to a great reputation that to get it." That?
Seems crazy that the students are still there with nothing to do.

Sharon said...

That is a very interesting display. Some might say strange.
I somehow knew that last fortune would prove inaccurate.
You are lucky to have that long holiday break. Ours is only one week. The scary part is that we have had some very intense training on some very complex software the last three days with one more session today. I fear that I won't remember any of it after a week off.

Linda Sue said...

JOY Bomb London creates site-specific interactive installations that transform ordinary spaces into mini-worlds – playful explosions of sunny, squishy, furry, rainbow-filled delights. The artist draws from childhood nostalgia, pop culture and the irreverent contents of her shimmering, candy-coated brain. Her work provides opportunities to explore, connect and laugh.

JOY Bomb London’s creative mission is to celebrate FUN for FUN’s sake and to make memorable moments happy ones.

she has her displays on instagram too.
When I think of "Library" I think of quiet, peace, the smell of paper books- escape. Your library sounds like a party.

Red said...

I well remember the pre Christmas time with kids wondering. They were finished !Just finished learning.

Edna B said...

I wonder what change that shop is wanting. We weren't allowed to make noise in our library in my day. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

Kelly said...

I'm old school enough that I expect the library to be a quiet place. Nothing above a whisper. And even back in my day, we were only on campus during finals long enough to take our exams. No random wandering!

The Bug said...

I was very excited about that last fortune until you disproved it. Darn!

Mage said...

That is a strange window. Did you google the "Joy Bomb" in the window?

Catalyst said...

Re the top photo: Joy Bomb London is an ALS support group that does fun installations.

Catalyst said...

Oh and by the way our town library is a place filled with screeching tots and loud-talking teenagers and staff. I don't get it. I liked the good old days.

Janie Junebug said...

Those are the strangest teddy bears I've ever seen. I also like the colors, but their faces are so strange that I wondered what sort of creatures they were.


ellen abbott said...

If that window isn't an example of creating change, I don't know what is.

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