Tuesday, February 14, 2023

A Carver's Art

While walking in Hyde Park on Saturday, Olga and I came across this elaborately carved log. I didn't remember seeing it in years past.

Here's the other side, complete with a signature: "Tom Harvey, 2020." That explains why it was new to me -- it's a relatively recent creation. I'm trying to remember if the log itself was there, uncarved, when Olga and I used to walk through the park often. I honestly can't remember.

Tom Harvey has a website where he is known as "Carver Harvey." He seems like quite an accomplished sculptor. The site says he uses chainsaws and chisels to create his works. Impressive!

I heard yesterday that several more people are out sick with Covid -- including one of the colleagues who was at the happy hour event I attended on Friday. Argh! I talked to him there only briefly, but still, that's not very encouraging. I've been making up (or not?) all sorts of symptoms for myself and even took a test last night, which was negative.

Remember my Newbery book challenge, in which I read all 100 winners of the Newbery Medal up to 2022? You might recall that I did some presentations to the middle school classes about that experience right after I finished. Well, I've been asked to talk with this year's 5th graders -- who wouldn't have heard me last year -- so that's on the agenda for tomorrow and Friday. I have to refresh my memory about my presentation and the books I mention!


River said...

That's a beautifully carved log.

jenny_o said...

That log is so intricately carved and very nice.

My anxiety would be through the roof if I had a trip coming up and increasing numbers of Covid cases all around. I dislike travel at the best of times, and that would not be the best of times :)

Andrew said...

I like the carving, from chisels rather than a chainsaw.

Your mention of Covid by a fellow worker is what I dread. That is someone who has Covid and does not stay home. Maybe the person did not know at the time.

Moving with Mitchell said...

It sounds like you Newberry Talks are going to become a school tradition. That log is beautiful. I don’t envy you the Covid worries before your trip. May you stay well!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Two more Newberry Medal talks? Remember to take spare underpants to work on Wednesday and Friday! Carver Harvey's work looks superb. Woodcarving is a timeless and international art form. I often pause to observe the detail of it in old churches.

Sabine said...

This woodwork is really nice to look at. How big is it?

Keeping fingers crossed for you to stay clear of the covid monster for now.

Marty said...

How lovely it would be to have a work of art like that log tucked casually into a corner of your garden.

Ms. Moon said...

That is a piece of sculpture! How big is it?
May you not get Covid! And I hope your presentations go well.

Marcia LaRue said...

Another morning of waking to the dreadful news of another shooting that started last night! SMH

I'll definitely go check out that guy's website! He is a very talented carver!

Janie Junebug said...

That carving is beautiful. I hope you don't get sick. Among the Newberry books, did you have a favorite?


Ed said...

I become phobic too whenever people all around me start getting sick. Sometimes it takes me awhile to snap out of it and realize I'm not sick and apparently not going to get sick.

The Bug said...

That's a gorgeous carving! And I'm sending all the healthy vibes I can muster across the ocean!

Ellen D. said...

How nice that your presentation went so well last year that you are asked to repeat it! Way to go, Steve!
Don't worry - you will stay healthy! I have declared it! :)

Sharon said...

Carver Harvey is very talented. Beautiful carved log.
I understand your worries about the dreaded virus. I do exactly the same thing and I've noticed more and more people wearing masks in public spaces. I'm struggling with some kind of sinus problem after a very busy weekend out and about among people. I did the same thing, tested to make sure it wasn't COVID.

NewRobin13 said...

That is such a fine carved log. I'm so glad you and Olga saw it.
I'm also getting very worried about a spike in Covid cases. I just saw a headline in the San Francisco Chronicle reporting that the number of cases are on the rise again. I was just starting to feel safe. Damn. Stay safe and healthy there, Steve.

Kelly said...

That carved log is beautiful. About how big is it, roughly?

Are you going to keep up with the Newbery books, reading each year's winner?

Red said...

Covid can really spook us as there are so many unknowns and covid does what it wants to do.

Pixie said...

What a gift, to be able to turn a log into such a beautiful sculpture. Hopefully you stay negative.

Ursula said...

You worry too much, Steve. Anxiety lowers your immunity. Strike that last remark off the record as I realize I may have, inadvertently, just added to your anxiety.

If it's of any comfort: I once shared a roof with a covid infected (my son). Not to mention that we are huggers. When he found out he was gutted - on my behalf. Or maybe he just didn't want to be orphaned prematurely. Did I catch it? Hell no. And I haven't even been jabbed once. Though my GP - who keeps calling me at unwished for intervals to see if I am still alive - swears that I am one of those bastards who are "a-symptomatic". Maybe. I don't do it out of spite.

Bathe in the anticipation of your forthcoming trip, Steve. Show worries the front door.

All the best,

Boud said...

Let's hope you stay well for your trip. You really don't need another postponement.
The sculpture is lovely. I must go check more of his work.

Margaret said...

That's a beautiful sculpture. Wood-carving is popular around here due to the number of trees. Covid is rampant again from what I hear; it's hard to know since they're not publicizing numbers much these days. Hoping for the best for you!

Allison said...

Here's hoping you stay well, and go to Florida.

James and Brigitta said...

I guess that log was to heavy to lug home? I had to look twice at that flower that has insects on it, their wings blend in so beautifully!
Fingers crossed for both of you to stay healthy, stay positive!

The Padre said...

Such A Cool Find - 6 Legs Are Better Than Two


Steve Reed said...

River: I thought so too!

Jenny-O: It's like gambling, or playing Russian roulette!

Andrew: I think maybe a chainsaw made the big cuts and then he did finish work with chisels?

Mitchell: Apparently! I didn't really envision that, but I'll roll with it!

YP: I don't get THAT nervous!

Sabine: A couple of people could sit on it, maybe even three or -- in a tight fit -- four.

Marty: It would be GREAT in a garden, wouldn't it?!

Ms Moon: See answer to Sabine, above. I have a photo of Olga next to it -- I should have used that one!

Marcia: I saw that shooting news. Horrible.

Janie: I liked many of them, but I loved "Miracles on Maple Hill" and "Johnny Tremain."

Ed: Well it's natural to get concerned, I suppose! It's instinctive!

Bug: Thanks! I'll take 'em!

Ellen D: I hope your declaration carries some weight with the laws of chance and microbiology!

Sharon: If I were just staying home I wouldn't be so concerned. It's the thought of bringing it with me and infecting others that I can't stand.

Robin: The cases are really up here, as far as we know -- though no one is required to test any more so who knows what the numbers really are.

Kelly: See answer to Sabine re. log size. I hope to keep up with the Newberys, but I'm two behind as of this year!

Red: I suppose the day will come when it's just another cold, but we're not quite there yet.

Pixie: I agree -- he is very talented.

Ursula: Well, that's an interesting observation. I certainly don't want to bring it on myself!

Boud: Yeah, it would be absurdly bad luck to have to postpone again.

Margaret: Yeah, it's hard to know. Same here. No one tests anymore.

Allison: Fingers crossed! I need some sun!

James and Brigitta: Ha! Yeah, it's definitely not mobile. About the size of a park bench!

Padre: I agree!

ellen abbott said...

I love that carved log. And I guess your presentations last year made a big impression.