Monday, February 6, 2023

The Ivy Game

Although we're having another cold snap -- I had to bring in all the tender plants yesterday, and they'll be inside for the next few nights -- the world is getting visibly brighter. There's more sun and if there's not yet warmth, there's at least the promise of warmth.

Dave pruned our roses and buddleias yesterday, an annual February task. And I thinned the ivy in some of our flower beds, revealing hidden bulbs that were doing their best to reach sunlight beneath that thick mat of vegetation. Ivy is a scourge. It just doesn't know when to stop.

We filled up five garden waste bags with thorny twigs and twisted tangles of ivy.

Olga helped by lying in the middle of everything, and generally being in the way. When I was pulling on the ivy she was fascinated, because I'd pull on one strand and the vegetation would shake several feet away. She could not figure out what was going on, but she was sure it was a game involving squirrels.

Back indoors, I cleaned the refrigerator, taking out and washing all the shelving and the produce bins. It was in a sorry state but now I think the health department won't raid our flat at 4 a.m. and accuse us of violations.


This was going on upstairs. What exactly is happening up there, I'm not sure -- but it's been happening for months now. I almost knocked on the Russians' door to say, "So when do these renovations end, exactly?" I can't even remember when they started, but I posted a similar video last September. The minute they finish one thing they start something else, so to us it's all one uninterrupted symphony of hammers and saws. (I'm pointing the phone at the ceiling because that's the general direction of the sound!)

To get away from the noise I took Olga back to the cemetery. We didn't see Gadget again, but we did see...

...crocuses! Come on, spring!


Andrew said...

Imagine how fast ivy grows in our climate. I don't think it has been declared a pest species, but if it gets into our bushland, what a disaster.

The Russian's apartment must look stunning, or maybe money spent badly. Do you think their workers are legal?

sparklingmerlot said...

That noise would have driven me to murder.

Crocuses. The harbingers of Spring.

Moving with Mitchell said...

You have stunning woodwork to stare at in despair. That constant construction noise would drive us right over the edge.

Meanwhile, the garden work looks exciting. Trimming rose bushes in preparation for new growth is very satisfying work. Your garden is going to be better than ever this year with all the work and the increased sun exposure.

crafty cat corner said...

omg, how on earth do you cope with that, it would drive me mad.
On a good note, the crocus are beautiful.

Boud said...

I'd have run amok by now. No jury would convict with that video in evidence.

Bob said...

I had many thoughts on gardening and dog supervisors and noisy neighbors but I got stuck on wall paint colors--yours is lovely--and moldings--yours are stunning!

Janie Junebug said...

The flowers are lovely; the Russians are not. That noise would drive me mad. You need to sneak into their apartment and report back to us about what they're doing.


The Bug said...

You're so much more tolerant than I am. Although I'm also a coward so I might just live with it - or like you, get out of the house. Hey - that would be better for me in the long run!

Yay to crocusii! (That's the plural I use whether it's right or not.)

Ms. Moon said...

This is truly gone on for way too long. I agree with everyone else here- how do you stand it? What in hell are they doing?

Sharon said...

Those crocuses are a welcome sight!
I can understand your frustration over all that noise. I put up with something similar, those annoying leaf blowers show up here two days every week and they seem to go on for hours. If they bother me on the 4th floor inside the building, what are they doing to the ears of the men holding them.

NewRobin13 said...

That noise would drive me crazy. I hope it stops soon. This has gone on for way too long.
I love seeing the crocuses blooming there. We are so looking forward to spring's arrival.
It's nice to see Dave in the garden, "Hi Dave!" from Robin in California.

Ellen D. said...

That noise is very annoying but your woodwork is fabulous!
Your garden is looking good! How lucky you are to see flowers already!

Ed said...

Ironically, cleaning out the refrigerator is on my lists of tasks to complete this week. I'm not looking forward to it.

Peace Thyme said...

Oh, damn!! How do you tolerate that noise??? The crocus are beautiful!!!

Kelly said...

I can't believe you've had to listen to that for months! I'd want to know a completion date, too.

Olga is such a good helper!! 😂

Allison said...

Your crown moulding is just beautiful, as is the arch. That's the beauty of an old building. Not that it helps, but that sounds like a router. Are they ever going to finish? That noise makes my teeth hurt.

Jim Davis said...

What Allison said, but she beat me to it. :)

The Padre said...

Olga Girl, Well Done


Cheryl West said...

Maybe a lot of orders from IKEA. Everything comes in pieces.

All that drilling sounds like the dentist's office and then hammering off a crown every now and then.

Your ceiling and molding are beautiful.

Claudia said...

Agree it sounds like a giant dentist drill. When the owners inspected your apartment yesterday did they hear it?

Red said...

It's a long way from any greenery or gardening here. Looks great to see some green plants.

Margaret said...

Crocuses! No sign of them here yet. Ivy seems to have a root system a couple hundred feet long. It's hard to get rid of!

gz said...

Ivy can be rampant..but so useful as a bird nesting and feeding ground! (And the pollen for bees when not much else is around)
I try to keep it in check..but leave enough!!

River said...

Does the local council know about the Russians building/renovating? Do they have to get permission? Isn't there some sort of law that keeps the noise within certain hours? Are they doing it on purpose so that you will move out and they can have the whole house thereby gaining a garden?

Steve Reed said...

Andrew: It seems like English ivy wouldn't do well in a place as warm and dry as Australia. Of course, I guess it depends on the specific location.

Caro: I'm always happy to see crocuses!

Mitchell: I hope so. We're looking forward to seeing the difference!

Briony: It DOES drive us mad. Fortunately it's not every day all day. It's basically just when Mr. Russia isn't at work. (Which unfortunately is also when we're not at work!)

Boud: I guess it's a good thing I made a record of the disruption!

Bob: Well, thanks! We chose the paint colors but of course the moldings were here already so we can't take credit for those. :)

Janie: I did go in there several weeks ago to see the broken pipe that leaked into our dining room. The place is a construction zone. I don't know how they stand it.

Bug: Well, it's not a matter of cowardice. I really DON'T want to provoke a confrontation with our neighbors because that just makes everyone's life miserable.

Ms Moon: That's my question! What in hell?

Sharon: Ugh! Leaf blowers! Our next door neighbor has professional gardeners who come with blowers every week during the summer and the noise is terrible. Fortunately it's just one day a week.

Robin: Dave says hi back!

Ellen D: Yes, I do love the woodwork in that part of the apartment. We also have really nice ceilings in a couple of the rooms.

Ed: Always an adventure!

Peace Thyme: I get out of the house with the dog!

Kelly: She has an uncanny instinct to lie in the worst possible place.

Allison: My brother tells me it's an oscillating tool. Something about flooring and door frames blah blah blah.

Jim: It DOES sound very dental!

Padre: She thinks so!

Cheryl: I think they're working on the building itself, as opposed to furniture or items within the building.

Claudia: Sadly, no. When they were here he wasn't working. But I've told them how this has gone on for ages.

Red: We are fortunate to live in a temperate place. I'm not sure I could take months and months of snow.

Margaret: It is, though as others pointed out it has some good points too. I don't want to get rid of it entirely, I just want to keep it under control!

GZ: Yeah, we leave it along the fences and in the trees for just that reason. Believe me, we have TONS of ivy. I just don't want it carpeting the ground so nothing else can grow.

River: Both good questions. I have no idea what permissions are required for the work they're doing but I'm not going to rat them out. That will just lead to ill will. We did ask Mr. Russia once to stop work because it was 9 p.m. and he did, right away. I've often wondered whether they want us out but I'm not sure our landlords want to sell.

Jeanie said...

The renovations would drive me nuts. It's like there is someone IN your home, not just above it. I can see why you headed out with Olga! Meanwhile, well done on the roses and garden. It's amazing how much work even a small garden can take.