Friday, February 10, 2023

Big, Retro, Bondian

It's time for another random assortment of photos taken out and about!

First, some cute cat graffiti on a McDonald's advertisement adorning a phone booth in Swiss Cottage.

Another sticker, another vision of socialist Utopia.

It always helps to have a dose of inspiration with your morning coffee!

I came across this tile outside a restaurant or shop on the St. John's Wood high street. I really like it, but Dave is not a fan.

A retro '80s sticker on a light pole in Fortune Green. Reminds me of college!

Some Bondian graffiti on Finchley Road.

Someone's frosty ear muffs, left on a fence near our flat. I think these are what another blogger recently referred to as an "ear bra." Which is an apt description.

And finally, a painting -- a print, not an original -- being discarded by a neighbor on our street. Definitely a memento mori; I could see why they might not want it hanging in their living room! I did not rescue it.


Andrew said...

What people miss when they drive everywhere.

I wonder if MTV still operates as I remember it. I doubt I would like the music now.

It's not like you don't work for it, but you do live such a nice, interesting and convenient area.

Moving with Mitchell said...

I missed the cat on first look. Oh, for a new normal. I find the tile kind of interesting and I would not want it in my house. (So, I guess I agree with you both.) I have a pair of those ear muffs. I'm going to call them my ear bra from now on. Yeah, I'd also take a pass on that print.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I am going to follow the advice on the coffee cup and "DREAM BIG". I will dream of The Pacific Ocean, Mount Everest, the planet Jupiter, the Grand Canyon and William Bradley of Market Weighton.

Marty said...

My question is how is the MTV sticker so pristine? Was it carefully preserved and then recently applied? And if so, why?
So many questions!

Bob said...

I love the tile.
I think I want that tile.

Boud said...

The honeycomb tile is a quilting pattern. Odd to see it in a hard medium.

Ms. Moon said...

I love the tile and would absolutely use it in my house.
And hell, I'd probably rescue the print and find someplace for it. Or well. Maybe not.

Ellen D. said...

A nice collection of photos today, Steve. I wonder at the things you know about and often learn something from your posts.
The tile is pretty!

Marcia LaRue said...

I had to look a few times and then turn my tablet a little to the left to discern the cat in the corner!
Personally, I really like that tile ... muted florals, green foliage ... what's not to love?
I look forward to your random photos days!

NewRobin13 said...

Nice collection of random photos, Steve. I like the tiles.

Debby said...

I don't like the tiles. We ripped tiles much like those out of a house. Tim saved them. I'm not sure where he stashed them. If I knew, I would make sure they disappeared.

The little white dots across that last picture reminds me of Santeria for some reason. It gave me the shivers.

Sharon said...

I'm glad you didn't pick up that painting. I love the tile and that kitty graffiti is pretty darn cute.

Linda Sue said...

Top photo made me hungry for crap food. I like the tiles very much though they are a bit twee, don't you think? I love your random shots! Always!

Allison said...

I like the tiles, they're interesting. You see such interesting things on your walks, still jealous!

Margaret said...

Such interesting finds on your walk! I like the tiles but wouldn't want them in my house. Nor that painting--creepy!

Pixie said...

I had no idea what memento mori was so thank you for educating me.

I love the tiles.

Kelly said...

I like the tiles.

I'm not particularly fond of the painting, but I do like skulls in artwork, especially for Dia de los Muertos. What I really want is the alarm clock shown on that link you provided for memento mori!

The Bug said...

The tiles remind me a bit of Laura Ashley dresses. I would wear them. Ha!

Catalyst said...

Ohh, that painting would look great hanging over your loo.

Susan said...

Our neighborhood is pretty tame compared to yours. That MTV sticker really took me back!

River said...

I (day)dream big all the time and it's kind of a shock when I wake up to normal.

Steve Reed said...

Andrew: I think MTV does more scripted or "reality" shows than when we watched and it was all music videos.

Mitchell: The cat does kind of blend in, doesn't it?!

YP: I had to look up William Bradley! LOL

Marty: I think it's a newer sticker made to look retro. Just a guess.

Bob: Right?! I would use it for sure!

Boud: They were relatively large honeycomb-shapes pieces, too. I've seen honeycomb tile but usually the pieces are very small.

Ms Moon: Not only is it a little too spot-on as a reminder of death, it's not very good!

Ellen D: I try to link a source if I mention something people might not know, so hopefully I've done that for you. (It's the journalist in me!)

Marcia: Funny! It's so big and transparent it's easy to look through it, I suppose.

Robin: So do I!

Debby: Ha! Well, to each his or her own. There's definitely a creepiness factor to the painting. I didn't even think of Santeria, but it does look something like that.

Sharon: Yeah, that painting needs to go to the landfill, I'd say.

Linda Sue: Are they? I think they run the risk of becoming dated over time, but I like the design itself.

Allison: That WAS an ear bra, right?!

Margaret: I think I could live with the tiles but not the painting.

Pixie: I don't know why I remember that term -- something I learned in art history, I suppose.

Kelly: That alarm clock IS pretty amazing.

Bug: But those used to have tiny flowery prints. These tiles seem much more impressionistic and shadowy. To my eye, anyway.

Catalyst: Ha! Now I'm wondering if I should save it!

Susan: Surely it can't have been hanging there all this time?! I think it must be either an old sticker or a new one made to look retro (most likely).

River: Ha! Maybe that's what it says on the other side of the cup. "Dream Big, Live Small." :)