Thursday, February 9, 2023

The Mysterious 2 Card

I took this photo on my walk home from work yesterday. I loved the pink-gold light and those long shadows. In a perfect world I'd have captured someone interesting walking past on that opposite sidewalk, but as the Rolling Stones famously sang, "you can't always get what you want."

The kids are out of school today and tomorrow for parent-teacher conferences. And all the conferences are taking place on Zoom, so things should be pretty quiet around the ol' library for the next day or two.

Motivated by the webinar I attended about weeding, I pulled some stuff out of the collection yesterday to buy new versions. Our Africa history section is pretty dire. I pulled seven books, none of which had been published after 1993 (and some as far back as the '60s). I found a few replacements that should be much more current. I knew this was a problem area and when I was sitting through the webinar I was picturing those shelves!

Speaking of the library, I got some exciting news yesterday. I've been approved to go to Vienna in April for a training session on our collection management system (the computer system we use to check out materials and keep track of our stuff). It's a two-day event on a Monday and Tuesday, and I'm hoping to fly early Sunday so I can get in a day of sightseeing. I've been to Vienna before but it was 26 years ago (!), so I'm eager to see it again.

Dave, meanwhile, is about to go to Oman for a student choral festival, and he'll be in Prague later in the spring on a student music tour. The latter trip was originally planned and paid for in 2020, before the pandemic intervened and everything stopped. It will be nice for them to finally be able to benefit from those plans.

It's great to be moving around again. I'd forgotten what it feels like to have these sorts of opportunities.

It was freezing cold yesterday morning -- literally. This was Olga on the lawn at the nearby housing estate. Check out that frosty grass! My phone says it's 35º F (or 1.6º C) out there right now.

Oh, and here's a mystery. I got the most peculiar postcard in the world in yesterday's mail:



What on earth could this mean? Since it's been mailed from Jacksonville I'm thinking my brother might be behind it, but I have no idea what that big number 2 is about. Those people don't look any too happy to be swimming in their wool bathing costumes, do they? Modernity has its problems but modern swimwear is not one of them.


Frances said...

Lucky you ...going to Vienna! ,
Your talk of " weeding" always make think you are in the garden. When I volunteered at the Oxfam book shop, we called it " culling". Paperback novels were only on the shelves for 6 weeks, and then culled and sent to another shop.

Boud said...

I wonder if that's one of those therapeutic hot springs places, where sick people were treated? It could account for their gloom. Maybe number one in the series is on its way? I hope you solve this mystery. How did it even reach you, with almost no address, is another mystery.

Boud said...

I forgot to comment on your upcoming travels all over the world this year. Dave, too. I expect we'll get the full documentary!

Steve Reed said...

Boud: It had my full address on it; I just blanked it out for the blog. Trying to maintain some modicum of privacy. LOL

Boud said...

Well, that's one mystery solved!

Ms. Moon said...

I wish it had been me that sent it but it was not. Keep us posted! (haha)
How lovely to be going to Vienna! Whoa!

Ellen D. said...

How nice that you get to go to Vienna! Sounds lovely.
That IS a mysterious postcard and I bet your brother sent it. I have no idea what it might be about...
Great start on the weeding!

Ed said...

To those of you who live in Europe, these sorts of trips sound nice but to me here in America, they sound exotic. I guess because to reach another country from my house requires hours of driving and a minimum of two flights, and if I exclude Canada or Mexico, requires a long flight across an ocean.

That sure is a mysterious postcard. Maybe the two means there is another one heading your way with a one written on it.

The Bug said...

Dang - I wonder where #1 went? This looks like the kind of thing my mother would have sent just to make me crazy. Ha!

NewRobin13 said...

I love the light and shadows in the first photo. Beautiful.
It's wonderful that you get to go to Vienna and Dave to Oman and Prague. Life does seem to be returning to normal. Yay!
I hope you solve the postcard mystery.

Janie Junebug said...

It is an odd card. I'd like to say I sent it because I love weirdness, but I didn't and don't know your address anyway.


Sharon said...

Vienna!! How nice. That's someplace I've never been. And, Oman, that should be interesting.
As for the post card, that is truly a mystery. You will have to let us know if you solve it.

Moving with Mitchell said...

You and Dave both have some exciting trips coming up. I've never been to Vienna. I¡ve heard it waits for you.

I love the shadowy photo, and Olga.

That pool does NOT look inviting. I wonder what it looked like in natural color. Maybe that's not a 2. Maybe it's a Z. Maybe not. Maybe HRH Spayed can sleuth it for you.

Pixie said...

That postcard reminded me of this video.

Well, Vienna, lucky you. I wouldn't mind a few days in Vienna, although I would want to arrive on the Friday to give me more time to sightsee. I hope you have a wonderful time, and Dave in Oman and Prague.

I shall be here, in Edmonton, doing sweet FA:)

Rachel Phillips said...

Vienna's not a bad place to go for a training forum. Lucky you. I went by train from London in mid January a few years back and got in a muddle with snow and missed connections, rail strike in London (yes these rail strikes have been going on for years), held back in Brussels, nightmare, one night in Vienna!

Kelly said...

Oooo, a mystery!! I'm also wondering if card 1 (if there is one) got delayed. Keep us posted!

I love the photo of Olga on the frosty grass. Brrrrr!!

Bob said...

Vienna would have to be one of the top spots for a work trip!

And that postcard? Tis a puzzlement.

Lastly, my toes are freezing seeing Olga standing in the icy grasses.

Peace Thyme said...

And, how did you receive it with just that address? Are you that well-known?

By the way, don't send those used books to Florida as their governor says that if books like that are to be checked out of the school library by a child, said child must have the parent's permission first. Which will essentially means a "banning of books" in Florida!!

Margaret said...

That postcard is very unusual. And the message too! I would love to visit Vienna and Prague, Oman not so much!

Red said...

Interviews on Zoom is a new one for me, but it sounds like a good idea and should run very efficiently.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I am surprised that that postcard reached you without a full address. Also, I am sure that you have mentioned before what your middle initial stands for but I have forgotten. Is it Groucho?

Good news about the trips to Vienna and Oman!

The Padre said...

Olga Girl Is Looking Good As Ever - Score On The Upcoming Travels - Pretty Damn Cool Postcard There Brother Man


River said...

That postcard! The man sitting almost dead center is a dead ringer for my ex-the-second. Couldn't possibly be a relative though, ex's ancestors were Scottish with a smattering of English.
Please take photos of Vienna for us.

Steve Reed said...

Frances: Well, it's good they sent them to another shop rather than just throwing them away!

Boud: You saw my answer above. Yes, mystery solved. :)

Ms Moon: I must admit I considered you as a possible source!

Ellen D: I suspect my brother was indeed the culprit.

Ed: It sounds exotic to me too, I suppose because I'm an American!

Bug: I have it on good authority that there IS a no. 1 out there somewhere.

Robin: Yes, it's so nice to see school trips resume.

Janie: Ha! Yeah, the address would have been an issue, wouldn't it?!

Sharon: I remember it being very beautiful, but as I said, it was a long time ago.

Mitchell: Is that their marketing slogan -- "Vienna waits for you"? Has a nice ring to it.

Pixie: If I go too early I have to add more hotel time and that gets messy for the school and accounting.

Rachel: Ugh! That sounds like a nightmare. I'll be flying, but who knows if that will go any easier!

Kelly: It's an intriguing mystery, isn't it?!

Bob: Her feet never seem to bother her, which is amazing. I wonder if she's got any nerve endings down there.

Peace Thyme: Oh, it had the full address. I just blocked it out before posting the pic. :) Yeah, I heard about the book situation in Florida schools. Appalling!

Margaret: I'm not that interested in Oman either, but who knows. It might be amazing. Dave will fill us in!

Red: It's MUCH easier for the parents, since they can participate from anywhere in the world and don't need to come to campus.

YP: It had a full address, I just blocked it out. My middle name is Gager, my mom's maiden name.

Padre: She's a cool dog, literally!

River: Well, they say everyone has a doppelganger!

Moving with Mitchell said...

I got “Vienna Waits for You” from a 1977 song by Billy Joel. He went there when he was 23 to see his father, whom he hadn’t seen since he was 8.

He said about the song: “... I meant that it is a place where you close the circle. By going to Vienna, suddenly things started to make sense in the world for me."

It’s a beautiful song.