Monday, February 13, 2023

Crocus Buds

The crocuses in our garden  are sending out little oblong buds. I've seen the flowers open elsewhere in London, mainly at the cemetery, but none of ours have fully blossomed yet.

Every time I go out in the garden I try to be especially careful that I don't step on any of them! They're so small and, until they flower, inconspicuous that it would be easy to do.

Our daffodils are opening up in a big way.

Yesterday I moved all our tender plants back outside, because there's no freezing weather in the forecast for the next couple of weeks. It's supposed to get down to 34º F (1º C) tonight, which is pretty close, but I think we're usually a few degrees warmer than the forecast so they should be OK. Especially the ones close to the house.

I spent yesterday reading "Say Nothing" by Patrick Radden Keefe, a book about the Troubles in Northern Ireland in the late '60s and early '70s. It centers on the disappearance of a young mother named Jean McConville in Belfast in 1972, but it's interwoven with stories about many other IRA and loyalist activities and personalities. It's very good. (I remember reading an article about McConville's abduction in The New Yorker several years ago, written by the same author.) It's a big book and I expected it to take me a while, but I already got through about half of it.

I took Olga to the cemetery in the afternoon. It was cloudy and so ridiculously dark -- kind of a dull twilight, even in midday. I am ready for some bright Florida sun! I'm terrified that I'm going to get sick again (as I did in December) right before our trip. Multiple people at school have come down with Covid in recent weeks and there are other colds out and about as well. I don't even like to mention it for fear of drawing the Evil Eye. It would truly be a case of earth-shattering bad luck to have it happen again, and as I told Dave, unless I'm spiking a fever or bleeding out my eyes, I fully intend to be on that plane!


Moving with Mitchell said...

Oh how I loved this time of year in New England with all the bulbs. I’ll keep a good thought for you and your sunny, happy, healthy trip to Florida. Please let DeSantis know I wish him nothing happy and healthy for the rest of his miserable life. (Sorry, I see the name Florida and I fume.)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Bleeding out of one's eyes is certainly a condition best avoided as it may cause permanent staining of one's handkerchiefs.

Marcia LaRue said...

Well, stop thinking those negative thoughts and focus only on the positive ones!
Go out and smell the posies🌸🌻🌹!

Boud said...

Your spring is far ahead of ours. I think when you get back the crocus will be over!

Ms. Moon said...

You would fall over with amazement at how the sky looks here today. Every shred of cloud whisked away and the air is cold-ish and clear and the birds are singing their songs of happiness about it all. I hope it's this beautiful when you get to Florida.

The Bug said...

I've probably mentioned before about the time when my dad was on strike (he was a UPS man) he planted crocus seeds in a heart pattern in the yard. They came up before it was time to mow the grass and it was just such a sweet thing. He wasn't a very sentimental person back then so it was quite a surprise!

Sharon said...

I'm sure your Florida trip will be a healthy one. You have lots of people sending positive energy your way. I love all the blooms popping up. Spring is around the corner.

Ed said...

This isn't my favorite time of the year. Today it is going to be 60F and full of sunshine. Three days later the high will be 20F with a predicted 8" of snow on the ground.

NewRobin13 said...

February is that crazy time of the year. One day I'm out on the deck in a sleeveless shirt getting some sunshine and the next day I'm taking in the hummingbird feeders so they don't freeze in the 28 degree temps. Florida is going to feel so nice and warm when you get there. Abundant sunshine in winter.

Ellen D. said...

Think positive and stay healthy. I forget what day you leave but I know it is coming up soon. Your family will be so happy to see you!

Red said...

It might freeze. It might not freeze. I don't like those situations. It's always a degree warmer beside the house unless there's a wind.

Kelly said...

Are you lecturing Olga about minding where she steps when she goes out in the garden? The trees are starting to bud out here (as well as my allergies), so I hope we don't get anymore freezing weather.

Think positively!

Margaret said...

I can't get over the crocuses and daffodils in mid-February! I wish. I hope for good health for your trip. I've caught another cold but will test for Covid today some time. I've heard that it's rampant although with fewer testing for it and little publicity, it's hard to tell what's going on.

jenny_o said...

Good luck with your health and travel plans! I love crocuses but so do the deer and I am lucky to enjoy them for a day before they get lopped off and eaten :)

ellen abbott said...

never invoke the gods! you won't like the result. my daffodils are putting up buds but no flowers yet. I probably won't take my plants out 'til next month.

Steve Reed said...

Mitchell: I hope to not engage in any dialogue with DeSantis! (Or his supporters.)

YP: For starters!

Marcia: That's always good advice. :)

Boud: I hope I get to see some of them in bloom!

Ms Moon: That sounds amazing. (Sigh)

Bug: That's a cool idea! We never had crocuses in Florida. Too hot!

Sharon: Yeah, it's great to see these signs of spring.

Ed: Ha! Our winters/springs are variable but not THAT variable.

Robin: Yeah, I am so ready for that bright light.

Ellen D: We leave Saturday, insha'allah!

Red: Yeah, if it's within a couple of degrees of freezing I usually bring in the plants and choose not to risk it. I wound up bringing them in again.

Kelly: Olga is like a demolition squad in the garden. She's not a digger, fortunately, but she sure loves to trample things.

Margaret: I hope your test was negative!

Jenny-O: That's one problem we DON'T have in our garden!

Ellen: That's true! Never wise to tempt fate! I like to leave the plants out as much as possible, except the ones that are fully dormant (like the dahlias). They just stay in the shed.