Sunday, February 26, 2023


We are back in London safe and sound, and as you can see, reunited with Olga. That little green object is an alligator chew toy we brought her from Florida. It squeaks, making a sound not at all similar to a real alligator, and she seems uncertain about what to do with it.

I've been so focused on getting resettled, unpacking, getting the house up to a livable temperature (it must have been 45ยบ F in here when we got home) and placating the dog that I almost forgot to blog! We landed at about 10 a.m. this morning, London time, and we caught a taxi straight to the dog kennel. Unfortunately it's on the other side of town from Heathrow and there was heavy traffic due to a game of some kind at Wembley Stadium, so the taxi bill was exorbitant. And it got doubly so when the driver then took us all home, including Olga, panting and wheezing with excitement in the back seat.

That's what she looked like in the cab, saying, "Don't you ever do that to me again!" Even though the staff at the "luxury pet hotel" apparently adored her and exclaimed about how good she is with other dogs, among other things.

She's now snoring next to me on the couch and will probably sleep for a week.

The flight was more or less comfortable -- just eight-plus hours coming back, or two shorter than the trip over, which made all the difference. I didn't even bother with movies this time around. I read a biography of folk singer Buffy Sainte-Marie that I bought several years ago and never got around to before now, and I did one of several big crossword puzzles that Dave's mom gave me.

Home sweet home!


NewRobin13 said...

Welcome home! It's so good to see Olga there with that adorable look on her face and her new alligator chew toy.
Have a wonderful day there... home sweet home.

Pixie said...

Olga is home and happy. She's with her people:)

John Going Gently said...

She missed u

Margaret said...

Olga will be extra affectionate, unless she's sleeping! :) Glad the trip back was relatively uneventful.

Jim Davis said...

I do love a strong tailwind. It's abundantly clear that Olga is overjoyed to have her people back, the look in her eyes says it all.

Sharon said...

Olga's photo put a big smile on my face. I bet she's happy to be home with her people. And you are probably happy to be home with her.

Kelly said...

I will be seeing that sweet, adoring face and hearing Peaches & Herb sing Reunited the rest of the day.

Glad you're all back together again.

Peace Thyme said...

That's so funny!! My daughter and SIL bring back toys and pillows from England for their dog every time they go!!

Ms. Moon said...

Safe and sound
On the ground
With darling hound.

Rachel Phillips said...

It's good to receive a warm welcome back.

Debby said...

Welcome home! Who needs a squeaky toy at a time this? She has got her humans!

jenny_o said...

Reunited . . . and it feeeeels so goooooood!! lol It's nice to go away but it's nice to get home, too. I forgot to wave when you were going overhead but since you were going faster maybe you wouldn't have seen me anyway, also, nighttime :D

crafty cat corner said...

Olga had a face that melts your heart, such a lovely girl.
Glad you are home safe and enjoyed your break.

37paddington said...

Welcome home! Blogger is weirdly recognizing me today. Olga’s face, how can you resist? She missed you so, darling girl.

Boud said...

You brought her a present! She looks happy to be reunited.

I'm glad you're safely home, and amused at the total lack of sports interest -- some sort of game! It beats a blow by blow of what you missed, though.

The bike shed said...

Do you find that Olga sulks a little when you come back from a trip? I'm convinced that Oscar does! Of course, I'm probably anthropomorphising dog behaviour, but it seems that way. And sometimes too I wonder who misses whom the most!

Andrew said...

The best part of a holiday is coming home. Is that a bit sad to say? It's not like you don't enjoy the holiday.

Catalyst said...

Welcome back. Olga seems to be eyeing you in both photos as if to say you're not leaving again, are you?

Dianne said...

Olga looks so sweet in these photos. She must have missed you so much. Those big brown eyes!

sparklingmerlot said...

And just like that the trip will be but a dream.
Glad you're all home safe and sound.

Colette said...

Olga! She looks so happy to have you back.

The Bug said...

I'm glad you made it back safely! I wondered what it would be like to go from Florida back to winter - brrr! I know you're glad to be with Olga :)

River said...

The look on her face in the taxi is gorgeous, "Where were you? I missed you"
Getting home is always the best part.

Michael said...

Glad you made it home safely and Olga is happy again. I used to hate leaving Murphy when I went away.

Red said...

It's always nice to get home.

Steve Reed said...

Robin: Thank you! It's good to be back!

Pixie: She seems like she's relaxed for the first time in a week!

John: She did indeed. It's nice to be missed!

Margaret: Yeah, she's very cuddly.

Jim: I'm always surprised at how much easier the eastbound flight is!

Sharon: I am very happy to be home, but it was good to see everyone.

Kelly: Isn't it funny how that one word brings that song to mind for so many of us?!

Peace Thyme: Not like the dogs have any idea where their toys are from! LOL

Ms Moon: I wish I'd said that! :)

Rachel: It is indeed, though I wish we'd skipped the taxi and just used trains.

Debby: Even if she never plays with that toy, I like it!

Jenny-O: Actually, we flew out over the water, over Bermuda! So you could have waved but I wouldn't have been up there.

Briony: It's the eyes, isn't it? So expressive!

37P: I'm not resisting at all. :) So glad Blogger decided to acknowledge you. It's weird how arbitrary it is.

Boud: Yeah, that's about all the interest I can muster in sports!

Bike Shed: I do think pets sometimes take a while to "re-bond," but in Olga's case she's back to normal almost instantly.

Andrew: It's not sad, it's totally true!

Catalyst: Yeah, that seems to be her expression!

Dianne: She does have very expressive eyes. :)

Caro: It already feels that way! Was I really just in Bradenton, walking beneath palm trees in 80-degree weather?!

Colette: She is indeed!

Bug: It was VERY cold in the house when we got home. I was surprised, actually. I thought the neighbors would help keep the temperature warmer.


Michael: I think Dave and I have decided we're not going to leave Olga again unless she can stay home with a dog-sitter. No more boarding, even though the kennel did a great job. She's just too old for that.

Red: The best part of a trip!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Olga looks like a puppy in those photos.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I hope that Olga has not been traumatised for life.
What was the most memorable fact you discovered about Buffy Sainte Marie?

gz said...

You are definitely being admonished!!
Lucky you with an eight hour flight....
Not looking forward to our flights back

ellen abbott said...

I've obviously missed a lot as here you are home already. some days I just don't have time to read blogs.

Ed said...

Growing up on a farm, we paid someone to just keep the food bowls topped up while we were gone on vacation. When we got back, my dog was always fat as he apparently spent the entire time we were gone nervously eating. But once he settled back to the normal routine, he quickly would lose the excess weight again.

The Padre said...

Normalcy - She Knew You Two Were Returning - Happy, U Bet - Alligator Toy, Well See - Sleepy Time, 100%

Welcome Home Brother Man,

Steve Reed said...

Mitchell: She has a youthful face. :)

YP: She produced a lot more albums than I thought she did! I only know her records from the '60s but she's been cutting albums ever since, with a few career breaks.

GZ: Yeah, everything is relative, right?!

Ellen: Oh, believe me, I get it. I'm way behind on blogs at the moment.

Ed: Ha! Olga eats when she's excited, too. It's a dog's way of coping with stimulation, I guess.

Padre: I HOPE she knew we were returning. I'm always afraid when I leave her that she thinks it's permanent!

Jeanie said...

Olga had to be in seventh heaven. Reunions are so sweet!