Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Practice? What’s that?

Oh, you mean what I haven’t been doing at all in the last couple of weeks -- at least, not in a conscious sense!

Yes, it’s true, my life has been a bit unbalanced lately. From the excitement of meeting Dave, to traveling to L.A. and managing commitments such as the AIDS Walk and routines like the gym, I’ve had very little time. I haven’t been to the Zendo, and I haven’t been sitting.

I suppose I could be practicing with all these activities -- in fact, I suppose I am, on some level -- but I don’t feel as if I’ve kept much of a sense of mindfulness. In fact, I feel like I’ve been zooming along pretty quickly, whipping from one thing to the next.

I know I often say things like this. I like a real sense of slowness, spaciousness and openness, and I miss it when it’s not there. On the other hand, I’m really enjoying all that I’m doing, and an openness to changes in the structure of my life and my habits and routines is important, too.

Reminder to self: Do not envision a false separation between life and practice. It is all intertwined, after all. The same thing, even.

Fortunately, I have no plans for the Memorial Day weekend. So in addition to spending time with Dave, I hope to get back to the Zendo. And I’m about to go sit for a while this morning. Hopefully, I can renew a sense of mindfulness, of being with each busy moment!

(Photo: Oily puddle on a rainy day, April 2009)


  1. It's a continuum. You're just on the fast track right now. But you seem so happy in your busy-ness that you probably shouldn't worry. There will be moments when you can sit quietly and reflect on how it feels to be happily busy. I sense a new excitement in your life that seems so right for you!

  2. Just awhile back you were thinking it might be a good time to stir things up. And so stirred they are.

    I say BRAVO!!

  3. absolutely love your 'reminder to self' thanks!


    the alternative is just dreadful!!

    don't you think the memorial day weekend got here way too speedily!?

  4. All three of you are right. These are good changes, and I wouldn't trade them for anything! I just want to be sure to incorporate more sitting time into my newly shaken-up life! :)

  5. Irony...Is that you say "I like a real sense of slowness, spaciousness and openness." When to me, you've always seemed to lead a very frenetic and driven lifestyle. Funny how different people can perceive things so differently, even simple words which seem to have a pretty specific meaning, like "slowness".

  6. I still had you in my list of blogs on my blog, and then I saw "updated 9 hours ago." I was sort of surprised, as I thought you stopped it. Glad to see you back.

  7. Utah: I'm a slug!

    R: Yeah, I couldn't stay away!

  8. I love that photograph. Very painterly. One of yours, I take it?

  9. what a perfect picture for this post, oil and water, beautiful colours

  10. I think your "reminder to self" says it all, Steve. Enjoy, with your eyes and heart open!