Friday, September 11, 2009

Montreal's Mermen

Yesterday I went walking in Old Montreal with my friends Bill and Jay. We stumbled across a store specializing in Christmas ornaments, a place I would normally avoid like the plague -- I am not a fan of Too Much Christmas. But Jay wanted to go in, so we checked it out. And I was glad we did, because where else have I ever seen hunky mermen dressed like the Village People?

The older part of town was interesting -- there's an archaeological museum that takes visitors down several meters below the ground's surface, where the foundations of the old city are still visible. There's a movie on the history of the area that clarified some things for me (for example, the street outside our hotel is called Rue Jeanne-Mance -- it turns out Jeanne-Mance was a founder of Montreal). I was always fuzzy on the French & Indian Wars, and it covered those, too. And there were lots of interesting artifacts on display.

You gotta love this jar for ointment that cures "scrofula," whatever that is. There was also this interesting whistle:

We had lunch in the historic area (fish & chips for me) and then, in the evening, the convention kicked off. This is the annual gathering of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, which I attend every few years. Last night was primarily social -- today we begin the real programming, including professional development sessions and panel discussions about issues as diverse as gay marriage and HIV coverage. Should be interesting!


  1. ah, the museum of Pointe-à-Callières. Interesting artefacts. Maybe they'll add a section on contemporary artefacts some day - the mermen would fit right into the nautical theme :-)

    Did you visit Bonsecours Market, also? Place Jacques-Cartier?

    Morecuriosity, where are your meetings being held? Bonsecours? Palais des Congrès? Place Bonaventure?

    (as you can see, I'm following you around Montréal, Steve. If you need French lessons, just holler) :-)

  2. Steve, thanks for the continuing tour. I love the mermen!

  3. I love the mermen!

    I had a very interesting discussion with my daughter about transgender issues while I was in SF. One of her work colleagues just married someone who has gone through that process. He got severe cramps the day before the wedding. A lot to process...

    I loved the open feeling in SF in embracing all people. I don't think the same thing exists back east, at least not where I live.

  4. tee hee I knew Lettuce would love the mermen xmas ornaments! xxxooo