Monday, September 6, 2010

Asbury Park

Dave and I went to Asbury Park on Saturday with our friend Adam. We really didn't do much wandering, though -- we went to a poolside bar and had a drink, then went to an oceanside bar and had another drink, then went to dinner. By that time we were too worn out to do any more! (Ah, the joys of being 40-something.) So we came home.

Yesterday, as I worked in my office on my normal Sunday shift, some folks were filming a movie around me! Apparently the newspaper agreed to let them use the newsroom as a set. So as I sat and tried to work -- typing up a story about a guy killed by a train -- I had to wonder whether my good side was facing the camera! (Not really. I don't have a good side.)

There were about ten other people there, appearing as extras and sitting at desks around me, and even more who seemed to have no on-camera role. I've always heard that movie-making, despite its glamorous reputation, is a pretty tedious business, and now I see what they mean. There's definitely a lot of sitting around and down-time between takes.

We'll see if this production ever gets any kind of commercial release. Regardless, it was kind of fun being in the background!

(Photo: Empty in downtown Somerville, N.J.)


  1. Who ever thought you would become a movie star while minding your own business in your office?! I suppose that was a little out of the ordinary excitement for a Sunday.

  2. Keep us posted on the movie so we can look for you!

  3. Well that was exciting! Although I'm sure it was kind of hard to concentrate on your somber story...