Friday, September 10, 2010

Impromptu Picnic

This afternoon, Dave and I took a blanket out to the field behind our apartment building for an impromptu picnic. I thought it would be a good opportunity to use the "wine sticks" that Barbara sent me an embarrassingly long time ago. (Wine sticks are designed to hold your wine glasses so they won't fall over in the grass.) You can't really see them in the above photo, but they're holding our glasses slightly aloft.

Of course, we took the dogs. Ruby was mostly content to lie on the blanket and relax, as she did with Dave above.

But then Ernie had to get in on the action, and unfortunately, Ernie has a lot more energy.

Ruby was in the mood for a belly rub, so I obliged. At first, Ernie was happy to lounge nearby.

But then he realized what he was missing and got very excited. (Look at that wagging tail!)

So excited, in fact, that he crashed into the wine sticks and sent both our glasses flying. Fortunately, no broken glass -- but now we know Ernie and wine sticks don't mix!


  1. I somehow knew that's how this post would end. I suppose you can't cry over spilt wine when it was caused by a 4-legged friend who is more interested in getting his belly rubbed or maybe in keeping Ruby from getting too much attention. I'm glad the wine sticks made it to NJ and hope next time you'll be able to sip without canine interference!

    I'm most happy that you two managed to find a daylight hour to share, given your new schedules!

  2. ah well, dogs and picnics - I think you're just asking for trouble there Steve

  3. Well, at least I got to see what a wine stick looked like thanks to Ernie. Good dog.

    That grass looks like it has seen better days (like my own backyard).

  4. I enjoyed the pics of you and Dave and the dogs. And wine sticks! What a great idea!

  5. He's just a puppy! That's what we say no matter how old the dog :)