Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Library Board

I worked late last night covering a library board meeting. There's a small controversy about the public library in the town I cover (which, in the unlikely event you're really interested, you can read about here) and the meeting ran pretty late. Then I had to get back to the office and write my story. I got home around 11 p.m.

Dave and I have been passing ships in the night this week, which I guess is how things are going to be now that we're modern DINKS (double income no kids).

On the bright side, though, I've had my mornings free. I spent yesterday lounging around, cleaning a bit, reading "Insignificant Others," the new novel by Stephen McCauley, and watching "Thirtysomething."

I must admit these old "Thirtysomething" episodes give me a melancholy feeling -- a nostalgia for the period in my life when I watched that show. I loved talking about it with my friends, at least one of whom is no longer my friend. And I looked forward to being in my 30s, when I imagined my career would blossom and I'd get to live where I wanted in the way that I wanted -- and all that happened, and now it's past. *sigh*

I don't mean to dismiss where I am now -- I like where I am and I think it's the right place for me at the moment. It's a different kind of new challenge. But I miss the aspirational relationship I had with the old "Thirtysomething," the sense that so much lay in the future, you know?

(Photo: Near Union Square, on Monday.)


  1. But were you really content in your thirties? How about emotionally? A good job and money go only so far. I suspect you have a certain security in your present life that might have been lacking then. Life is such a journey it turns out...

  2. In my 60s life has never been better. I suppose I thought the same when I was 30 and when I was 40, but I don;t look back fondly at any of those times. The past and the future are tricks out minds play on us.