Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I'm working late tonight. In fact as I write this I'm sitting in a
quiet room waiting for a meeting to start. From the looks of things,
not a lot is going to happen.

This is going to be a bear of a week. I have night meetings every
night. Fortunately (?) Dave is working too, so at least one of us
isn't languishing at home without the other!

I went to a diner for dinner, and I had a somewhat overenthusiastic
waitress. At one point she said, "If you need any more sugar, creamer
or jelly, you just let me know." Now, look at what I had on my table.
How could I possibly need more that THAT?


  1. haha, better this way then to be ignored. And "I will not be ignored!" (Glenn Close in that movie with Michael Douglas).

  2. Who's taking care of Ruby and Ernie now that both of you are working? I'm sure they miss your being around all the time.

    That waitress would probably not have had an answer if you had said you didn't use sugar, creamer, or jelly! I don't think I would like this work schedule of yours, but then you are earning a paycheck.

  3. Remember the Donna Summers song called She Works Hard For The Money?
    I hope you left a good tip...

  4. First day on the job for the waitress?

    Sorry you're working so hard. The dogs will hold down your household.


  5. And it looks like there was ketchup too - I think you were pretty set. But, I agree with Gary - much better to have an overenthusiastic waitress than a disappearing one.