Thursday, September 9, 2010

Famous Ruby

Ruby is famous! We nominated her for, a Web site we heard about several months ago on Graham Norton's BBC talk show. She loves to lie upside down, so I took an iPhone pic and sent it in. Then I forgot all about it until yesterday, when the site notified me that Ruby had been published. Pretty awesome! (Though she's not nearly as extreme as some.)

I wonder who makes money from all the advertising on that site? Whose pockets am I lining?

While walking Ruby and Ernie yesterday I found a note on the roadside that obviously had been lost or discarded by some school kid. For a glimpse into the mildly raunchy but mostly silly teen-aged psyche, check out "Things Waseem Can't Say." (And don't forget part 2!)

I had another library meeting last night. Ugh! Library overload!

(Photo: Listening to the garbage, on the Lower East Side, Monday.)


  1. It's rough living with an international super-star!

  2. Pretty funny Steve. Your dog is a ham.

  3. How in the world did you ever discover the website where Ruby achieved her fame?

    I think Waseem must be some frustrated jokester, who seems to be forbidden from just about everything except knock-knock jokes, probably well before his time.

  4. i like everything about this post