Thursday, September 2, 2010


Not much to tell this week, which is why I haven't been writing with my "office" photos. In fact I've been holding off posting because there's a third office photo I want to take, but I haven't been able yet. I'll get around to it eventually. I have to be in the office at just the right time, and I have to figure out how to do it without my coworkers realizing what a freak I am.

Some of you asked why my car is named Florence. There really is no reason, except Florence nicely alliterates with Fit, so I can call her Florence the Fit. (I guess she could just as easily have been Harriet the Honda.) Florence is one of those old-lady names that hasn't yet gained retro-fashionable status, you know? There are lots of Emmas and Olivias these days, but few Florences -- or Ediths, Irenes and Ednas, for that matter.

I have been learning a lot this week about the area where I'm working and the towns I'm covering -- lots of background knowledge that won't appear immediately in print, but will definitely help me gain perspective on local issues.

I'm glad Hurricane Earl will apparently spare us any serious damage this weekend! Dave and I got a gift card to a restaurant in Asbury Park from one of our friends, and we were thinking about using it tomorrow or Saturday -- and then we thought, "Maybe driving down to the shore in a hurricane isn't a good idea!" But it looks like it won't be a big deal.

(Photo: Light fixture at Pam's house in Southampton, last weekend.)


  1. I hope the brunt of the hurricane misses New Jersey. My mother-in-law's name was Florence. she was born in 1911, when it was in fashion.

  2. Florence is definitely an old lady name. Our good friend Florence was well into her 90's when she died a few years ago.

    I can't wait to see the next office photo. I take it none of your coworkers know about your Blog or they would already know about your rather unique appetite for shadow pics!