Sunday, August 17, 2008


I saw this wall in Liberty, N.Y., while driving around with Ched and Lettuce. We all immediately knew it would make a great photo, but only after I put it on Flickr did a friend point out that it's an excellent example of "found Dharma." Teachings are everywhere!

I haven't been watching the Olympics at all -- spectator sports is not my thing. But I was happy to read that Michael Phelps won his eight gold medals. That guy really is amazing. I can see how people get excited about the Olympics, with the beauty of the competition and the incredible performance of the athletes. I'm glad Phelps found "something better to do!"


  1. My interest in the Olympics wanes soon after the Opening Ceremony. I feel badly for the athletes who perform in the last few days because a lot of people, like me, are tired of the Olympics by then.

    As people like Phelps continue to set world records, I keep wondering if there is a limit to the speed at which humans can go.

  2. Great photo; I should tape that over my desk . . .

  3. It is amazing to me that people can be so good at something.

  4. he has to have some fish DNA, don't you think?

  5. um..... was me, not dizzy



    (tho dizzy is the friend coming to NYC in November...)

  6. This reminds me of an ONJ song "Something Better to Do". Not very dharma is it?

    I am with you on Michael Phelps -the guy is amazing.