Sunday, November 15, 2009


Dave and I walked to the bagel shop yesterday morning for our standard Saturday breakfast. On the way back I snapped these photos of a cluster of bushes we passed on the way. I have no idea what they are, specifically, but the color variety is interesting.

We've had a relaxing weekend. On Friday we went to see "2012," the apocalytpic thriller that depicts the end of the world. I am a HUGE fan of disaster movies, having grown up on the Irwin Allen variety in the 1970s, so I had a great time, even though every minute of "2012" and every bit of dialogue is completely, utterly absurd. How can you not be thrilled by skyscrapers crashing over and California sliding into the sea? I mean, really!

Yesterday we went to Wegman's and bought some supplies for a cooking spree. Dave made beef short ribs and mashed potatoes, and creme brulee for dessert. I know, I know -- I haven't been a red meat eater for years. But one of the changes I've decided to make in my life is to be open to all kinds of food. I want Dave to be able to cook everything and not feel restricted by my diet, and after all, does it really make sense to eat chicken and fish but not pigs or cows? How do the chickens feel about that?

I will still be largely vegetarian when choosing my own meals, but when Dave is in the kitchen, I'm going to approach food with an open mind!


  1. an open mind is a wonderful thing! (so is creme brulee!)

  2. Beef is good! But wow, we are paying the price this morning! Ha!

  3. I would think the gym is becoming an increasingly important part of your life with Dave's cooking! But then, you are still young and you walk a lot, so the pounds probably fall right off as you eat all those calories.

    I don't eat beef often and I'm very particular about the type of beef I eat, but when I do, I love it.

    Are you planning to make a multi-course Thanksgiving dinner? I'm cooking for 19 -- yikes!

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  6. The chickens should feel relieved about your decision, but maybe not the cows and pigs. However you can't please everyone.
    Ms Soup

  7. Nice berries. Berry bearing trees are the only signs of a "normal" fall that we have in SF.

  8. That is a perfect attitude not only for food but for everything that's currently happening in your life. Opening to what was "against the rules" just a few weeks ago will give you more options than sticking with old paradigms.

    You are so great! I love you.