Monday, November 16, 2009


I shot this photo on the way to Wegman's on Saturday. It pretty much summarizes my mood at the moment!

Dave and I watched the first half of "Gone With the Wind" last night. It was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and in fact I read the book when I was in the sixth grade. It really is a good movie, even with its 1930s melodramatic transition captioning and acting styles. Of course, you have to look past the absurdity of painting the Old South as a place of grace and beauty -- that might be true, but only if you were rich and white!


  1. Rich and white always give you a leg up.

  2. I pulled an all-nighter reading that book (in the 8th grade). Just couldn't put it down with all that antebellum drama. My experience in the south was nothing like that portrayed in the movie.

    I also remember a movie called "Raintree County" which was produced in 1957. It told a slightly different story of the post-Civil War south. Ever heard of it?

  3. I guess you're feeling a bit wintery by the looks of things...
    You'll find your new direction, just be alert to possibilities.

    As for Gone With the Wind, I read that one summer after elementary school, and as Barbara pointed out, my limited exposure to the southern U.S. was nothing like the book, but such are the liberties of novelists.

  4. I loved that book too... my sister and I sat through many many showings of the film--sometimes 2 a day, when it was held over at our local theater. Our friends all complained--why is that old movie still at the theater? But we never got tired of watching it.

  5. PS

    Raintree County is bittersweet, since Montgomery Clift was seriously injured in a car wreck during the making of the film- he had to finish it after surgeries and in a lot of pain. - but it's a great flick--he and Eliz. Taylor worked very well together.