Monday, November 30, 2009

Break Away

I had a terrific weekend. I spent it all in East Brunswick with Dave, hanging out at home, cooking and eating, cleaning and doing laundry, going to the gym and running errands. My mind was away from New York City and my nebulous job prospects, and I enjoyed my time with him and the dogs. I wasn't at all stressed.

This suggests that maybe what I really need is to get away from my office altogether. I've assumed that it helps to continue to come in and maintain my routine as long as possible, and job-hunt from work. But maybe, psychologically, it's better for me to move on.

I have to admit, I'll be happy when I never have to walk into that office again. Just seeing the building, when my bus from New Jersey pulled into the Port Authority this morning, gave me a grim feeling.

By the way, and speaking of grim, have you seen "Precious" yet? Dave and I saw it yesterday and loved it. It's a tough movie to take at times, but incredibly eye-opening and the performances are unbelievable. Mariah Carey is unrecognizable -- I literally didn't realize it was her until the end credits rolled -- and Mo'Nique is terrific as Precious' mother. Go see it!

(Photo: Sunrise on E. 29th Street, Nov. 2009)


  1. Great photo Steve. Light and shade and linear and circular. About grim, I think you're ready to move onto the next stage of your life. Or maybe you have and you just don't know it... :-)
    Whatever is in store for you all the best.
    Ms Soup

  2. It's probably s good thing that you're thinking "good riddance" when you see your building. Otherwise leaving might be tough. My job was so miserable by the time I quit that retirement was a no-brainer.

    Isn't it nice you have a place to go on the weekends where you can relax and forget about the job dilemma?

  3. One of the greatest feeling I ever experienced was when I left my office for the last time.