Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I found this during my recent romp through the swamps of Secaucus. The street artist Bloke often depicts paper airplanes, and this is a particularly colorful example. Too bad it's on the underside of a railway trestle where none of the passengers can see it! (Observant motorists can see it from the New Jersey Turnpike, though.)


  1. Wow - it's really cool. Paper airplanes? I haven't made one in ages, maybe I should.

    So glad you had a good weekend! And who could blame you for feeling grim when you see your office? So glad that you have Dave and the dogs and good food and a place to do laundry.

    love and xx

  2. bloke rocks! thanks for the link to the earlier post, missed that, been falling terribly behind keeping up on the bloggyhood these days. 'tis the season!!

  3. That actually looks like a plane that would fly well. I got to know a lot about paper airplanes because my old office had a contest every year. I was lucky if my plane went 20 feet, but some people really made amazing airplanes and decorated them as well.

  4. I've just caught up on your posts of the last few days. I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, sweet potatoes, blenders, wine and the self-cleaning oven cycle, are all very funny, the kinds of things that make good memories. The new camera sounds fabulous, too.

    All the feelings you describe I've had myself, but as you point out, we have it good compared to many, and I think you've earned the right to relax and ponder a bit.

    I agree with Kim. Bloke does rock. My paper aeroplanes were always a disaster...but I love the shapes and colours here.

  5. Here in the sticks, we have tagging, not street art. Thanks for teaching me the difference all these many posts.