Monday, December 14, 2009

4. Diligence

"Diligently cultivating virtues without interruption is called diligence, pure and unalloyed, advancing without regression.

"Buddha said, 'O monks, if you make diligent efforts, nothing is hard. Therefore you should be diligent. It is like even a small stream being able to pierce rock if it continually flows. If the practitioner's mind flags and gives up time and gain, that is like drilling for fire but stopping before fire is produced -- though you want to get fire, fire can hardly be gotten this way.' "

(From "The Eight Awarenesses of Great People," translated by Thomas Cleary in "Shobogenzo: Zen essays by Dogen.")

(Photo: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, December 2009)


  1. I think diligence is a noble virtue. Sticking with something to the end gives you a good feeling. If there is no end, it's still a good feeling.

  2. This could also be a description of (prescription for?) artistic practice -- the development of craft.


  3. In other words, keep on keeping on.

    How are you doing, btw? Thinking about you.