Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Snow

We did indeed get a slushy first snow yesterday afternoon. Fortunately I had nowhere to go so I could watch it from the safety and security of the warm apartment. Poor Dave spent the afternoon in a football stadium, at the last of his marching band performances -- not a good day to be sitting on cold aluminum bleachers! He was miserable by the time he got home.

We had a friend over last night and ordered some Chinese, which was a nice conclusion to my day of reading, the gym and some errands.

I'm still waiting for the details of my severance package to be worked out at the office. I really want to break away from there completely, but I can't yet because my boss and I have to hammer this out with the corporate lawyers. (They made an initial offer, but it all needs to be negotiated.) Thus, I'm in a weird limbo period, which is weighing on my mind a bit. I plan to be back in the office tomorrow. Ugh.

(Photo: First snow in the field behind Dave's apartment. Click the photo to see the "action.")


  1. It will all be over soon. I'm so glad you and Dave found each other before this transition started. You have the security of your new family as you figure out what happens next.

  2. The truth is, all of life is a strange limbo moment. You will negotiate skillfully, and move through this.


  3. Good luck with the negotiations, I know all will be well as you go through this.

  4. I was severanced once. Luckily, they worked out the details without me. They were more than fair to me.

  5. i was kind of glad there was no option for negotiation with my severance, it was easier to just be told.

    Hope its going ok steve.