Saturday, February 27, 2010

BBC America

My TV-watching is tending to skew very British these days. I'm spending a lot of time with BBC America -- watching hypergay talk-show hosts (well, just one), the near-extinction of humanity and energetic women with elaborate gloves cleaning filthy houses. Ah, those crazy English.

Soon after I adopted Dave's television, I started watching "How Clean Is Your House?" In case you haven't seen it, it's a show in which two women descend on some of the filthiest homes in the British Isles and clean them up. Kind of an Anglo version of "Hoarders," but more superficial, steering clear of the psychology behind the filthiness. It's a fun half-hour, and I think I've seen just about all the episodes that BBC America makes available.

Dave introduced me to "The Graham Norton Show," which is HILARIOUS. Graham (hypergay) is a terrific interviewer and he cooks up activities for his guests and audience members that are laugh-out-loud funny. We then expanded to watching Jonathan Ross as well -- also very funny. (Why did both of these shows adopt the same super-pink, lava-lamp decor?) Dave and I like these shows better than their American counterparts (Jay Leno, for example), but we're not sure why.

We've latched onto "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares," in which foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay tries to rehabilitate the sagging fortunes of restaurants throughout the British isles. He revamps menus, redecorates dining rooms and whips staff members into shape. It's an interesting show, though I find Ramsay irrational and downright offensive at times. He treats people terribly. I think he's the kitchen nightmare, but if the show is to be believed, he successfully turns around some dying establishments.

Enticed by the promos, I watched at least one Dr. Who movie ("The Waters of Mars"), which was interesting because I'd never seen Dr. Who before. And now I'm watching "Survivors," in which nearly everyone in Britain has been killed by a virus, leaving just a few stragglers to fend for themselves. Good so far!

I guess all this isn't surprising, considering how much I love Monty Python and "Keeping Up Appearances."

(Photo: Chinatown, last week.)


  1. ha. now, I knew it had to be Graham Norton, he is funny.

    I've only been able to watch How clean is your house the once, it was SO disgusting.

    and look out for QI, its just so excellent.

    ho hum - we moan about how theres nothing on TV, but some of it is still pretty good I guess.

  2. Sounds like you have become a veritable TV connoisseur! I like it that you are being so selective about what you watch.

    How is the interview process going?

  3. I'm clueless about British humor so I always struggle with British TV. I love "Clean House" on American TV. I'm always amazed at the way people live. Wow. Actually you'd be great as a host of that show.

    What is hyper gay? You mean a real flamer?

  4. I'm guessing I've seen all the How Clean is Your House episodes. Great fun.

  5. Oh, and I might be in love with Aggie McKenzie.

  6. Merle: I believe it! Aggie is hot!

    Reya: Yeah, I mean it in the flamer sense -- in a GOOD way!

  7. I dig Kitchen Nightmares a bunch, and Top Gear is my favorite show. You don't have to like cars to like Top Gear.

    BBC America rules.

  8. I am totally addicted to Doctor Who (and Torchwood). Start watching Doctor Who from the beginning and if you can't watch Season Two. I LOST it at the end of season two - just broke down with tears that wouldn't quit. What a great show. I love British TV (do you know about Skins?)