Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

We had a low-key Valentine's Day weekend around here. I took Dave to dinner on Friday night at a place called Daryl Wine Bar in New Brunswick -- we've wanted to try it for a while. It gave us the illusion of being in Manhattan without paying Manhattan prices. (Or spending two hours on the train.)

Dave bought me some pants at Banana Republic on Saturday. I haven't bought any new clothes in months, so it's probably a good thing he stepped in!

Gifts notwithstanding, neither one of us puts much stock in Valentine's Day. It's one of those manufactured florist's holidays when the merchants convince us we all need to spend money. Red roses, heart-shaped candy boxes -- gimme a break.

Today I'm going back into the city for the second round of my job interview. I hope to also do some photography -- I haven't had any new photos to put on Flickr in about a week.

(Photo: Skull graffiti in Jamaica, Queens, a couple of weeks ago.)


  1. We had a similar Valentine's Day, which was just fine with me.

    I hope your interview today goes well. I predict your new job will kick in just about the time your severance pay runs out. Then you will start thinking of all the things you could have done during this career hiatus.

  2. I"m sending good energy to you for your second interview today.

    Had a long, involved dream last night featuring you and Dave helping me find my glasses that were in a huge pile of glasses cases somewhere. We were going into Manhattan and I really wanted to be able to see. Meaning? Who knows? But it was nice to "see" you in my dream.

    Good luck today!!