Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowmageddon II

(Actually, I guess you can't really have a Snowmageddon II, or any kind of -mageddon II, since it implies finality, the end of everything. Right?)

Anyway, we appear to be in for it in terms of snow. While Snowmageddon I struck mostly to the south of us, this time we're due for full blizzard conditions. I plan to go grocery shopping this afternoon (as soon as Dave sends me his list) and then we'll tuck in for the duration. School will probably be cancelled tomorrow, so Dave doesn't expect to have to work.

We have tickets to a piano performance at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan tomorrow night -- I'm not sure what will become of those. I suppose if we can get into the city we'll go, but otherwise we may have to skip it. I guess I should check with the Y and see if refunds are possible in that case.

(Photo: Garage doors in Jamaica, Queens, last week.)


  1. If you don't want frazzled nerves, you probably should just stay home tomorrow night. I've never seen snow like this! We're hunkering down and wondering whether our lights will go again. Meanwhile it surely is nice to wake up to a house warmer than 45 degrees!

  2. The Nyack Backyard Blog can answer all 92nd street Y questions --she works there.

  3. Even though I've never been in person, I love the 92nd Street Y. I get their podcast.