Friday, February 19, 2010

Dave's Work Here Is Done

The other day, I ordered dog tags for Dave's dogs. Nothing special -- just little stainless steel bone-shaped tags that give their names and Dave's name and address. The dogs had no ID, and I thought it would be wise to get them some in the unlikely event that they get lost. (They spend 23 hours of every day on the couch.)

When I told Dave about the tags, he laughed and said I'd once written in my blog that although I grew up with dogs, I would always be a cat person. I don't remember writing that phrase, but it sounds like something I might have said. In any case, he teased me and said I needed to write a blog post titled "Dave's Work Here is Done," expressing my full conversion to dogdom.

Personally, I think this dichotomy -- dog person vs. cat person -- is a false construction. You can be both, right? An animal person? Still, I'll let Dave have the title.

We took the dogs to the vet the day before yesterday to get them caught up on shots and get their local license tags. Now they're legal dogs! I'm sure they're relieved.

(Photo: Shadow on the wall at Penn Station, last week.)


  1. I'm sure glad this post wasn't about Dave losing his job!

    I think Dave is right, at least in my case. It would never occur to me to want a cat. I don't hate them, but I have no feeling for 99% of them.

    Dog, on the other hand, I love. About 99% of them, that is.

    I'm glad Ruby and Ernie are legal now. I'm sure that was a boost to their egos! :)

  2. ha ha!

    yes let dave have the title - it's nice to be nice. and it's nice to love mice!

    my vote is that the typology needs to include:

    a) dog person
    b) cat person
    c) animal person
    d) animal phobe

    I used to see myself as a 'cat person' but then all these dogs started coming into my life! if you consider my propensity to adopt other critters into the household - mice, rats, turtles, fish, snakes, etc. - I believe I clearly fall into the 'animal person' category.

    dichotomies are so often problematic, aren't they?

  3. If you want to finish your conversion for certain, I will mail you Jack the Wonder Beast.

  4. I'd say your definitely an animal person, and good luck with the interview.

  5. A legal dog is a happy dog.

    There are plenty of people who like cats and dogs, yet I understand that there are some among us (I'm one of them) who identify more with being one or the other. I am definitely not a fan of cats, no offense to the felines out there. But I am a dog person through and through. And through!

  6. I have two questions for you: I'm trying to bring kitchen stuff up to speed and want to make sure I've got the essentials covered. I was wondering if you or D had suggestions, and does your e-mail still work?

  7. Dennis has an implanted ID that can be scanned.