Monday, September 26, 2011


The shift in seasons was evident when Dave left for school this morning -- suddenly it seemed so dark at 6:45 in the morning. The mornings are much cooler and I've been taking my sweatshirt along when I go out walking. We're supposed to have a relatively warm week this week, but soon it will be time to put the shorts away for good.

The view I posted back in July is changing. Some of the trees in our courtyard are yellowing and already dropping leaves. I love autumn, but there is a sort of built-in melancholy that comes with it, as the days shorten and the flowers begin to go to seed -- particularly since I've never been through a London winter and I don't quite know what to expect.

Our dinner for the head of Dave's department and his wife went well on Saturday. Dave's cooking, as usual, was superb, and at Dave's suggestion I rigged up a slideshow of some of my photography that ran on the television in the background during the evening. Our guests seemed interested in the photos and even said they might like to buy some! I'll have to think about how to manage that.

Speaking of which, I do need to start looking more seriously into earning an income. Our finances are fine, but I don't feel like I'm contributing enough to our household. I honestly don't think I have it in me to write a book or make money on freelancing -- I'm not a good salesperson, and I think anyone with the real potential to write a novel would be bursting with ideas and enthusiastic about the opportunity. I have neither ideas nor, to be honest, enthusiasm -- I've written a few pieces since we moved here but nothing that seems book-worthy or particularly marketable.

I've done some very preliminary looking into part-time jobs at a few places. I need to update the ol' resume and start looking more seriously. I'm not sure how many opportunities there are, given the economy -- which is no picnic, even here -- but I suppose it's time to wear out some shoe leather and at least try.

On the other hand, with the dogs arriving in less than two weeks, I want to be here to get them settled in -- I don't want to ship off to work too early. (I should be so lucky!)

(Photo: Doorknob in Finsbury, last week.)


  1. There are many ways to contribute to a household, and I'm sure you're fine there. The dogs will enjoy having you around once they arrive, too.

    I think you may be a bit hard on yourself when it comes to the quality of your writing. Every book isn't a novel and just because the idea of writing a novel doesn't appeal, don't dismiss putting a book together. You could certainly do some freelance photography since you seem to have the eye and the time for it.

    If you do decide to return to the trenches as far as employment, I'm sure you'll find something...

    Enjoy autumn!

  2. Here's an idea- ETSY! There are prints , all sorts, artwork and photography - It is so easy! Cost in minimal ( 20 cents a listing for 6 months and a small percentage if you sell something) I have made enough with loads of small sales to pay for my son's apartment in Portland ( rent is not cheap)...Your photos would certainly get attention! they are wonderful.

  3. Ooh Etsy is a great idea! Although I agree with e - don't sell yourself too short.

    I'm the same way about fall. ESPECIALLY since I'm not a morning person. I really resent losing that hour of daylight in the evenings...

  4. Back to school has always been a tough season in my book. You should just feel glad no one is counting on a monetary income from you. That means you don't have to rush into anything. And whatever you choose to do should be something you really like.

    I think putting off a serious job-hunting effort until after Ernie and Ruby get settled is a good idea.

    I'm glad the dinner party went well. How very cool to have your photos showing while you dined. Maybe you could capitalize on that idea for high-end restaurants. Just a thought...

  5. Good picture. Door furniture is one of those "strands" which is always reliable when wandering around any town or city. Your work would look good in a mini-book, say from Smapfish, and would bring pleasure as a unique gift to family & friends. A quick walk around your "manor" would soon fill tue pages.
    One idea I came up with was to spot brass numbers (e.g. 46) then make birthday cards from them. It fills the gaps unavailable in shops very neatly. You can start producing ahead of your friends' birthdays, any where, any time if you like this suggestion. Your cards show your photo credit & URL, which can lead to commissions.

  6. Peter: That card idea is a good one! I have produced a couple of books from Blurb, as I mentioned in other entries, but none focused specifically on a single topic like "door furniture."