Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wine Zoo

Animals, animals, animals...I really am on a roll here.

So what about animals on wine labels? I'm a sucker for interesting wine labels. These are all examples of wines we've recently bought. My favorite was the Chat-en-Oeuf, a dry rose that sells for only about £5 at the supermarket.

These others were good, too.

Flaxbourne, from New Zealand (Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand is always reliable)

Porcupine Ridge, from South Africa (with art by South African wildlife artist Zakkie Eloff)

Southern Right, also from South Africa


  1. I think you must just be warming up for Ruby and Ernie's re-entry into your lives! I too am fascinated by wine labels.

  2. Your labels are really gorgeous- Think I might get a glass cutter, remove the tops and line them all up on a narrow shelf- Love the art!
    Your post below is wonderful- What an amazing building...just out there, in the weather and soot!