Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I couldn't resist a few more photos of the Goat of the Empire at the Spitalfields Market. (That's my name for it. The statue's real name is "I Goat," by Kenny Hunter. Kind of like "I, Claudius," I suppose?)

You may remember that I first posted him at the end of July, just after we moved into our new place. But when I went back to Spitalfields this week I was struck by the way the light illuminated just his head -- like a spotlight for the noble star that he is. Later in the afternoon, when the light had changed, his reflection seemed equally impressive.

I dig this statue.


  1. Goat of the Empire. Snort.

    Love the reflection in the window in the second picture

  2. Very cool. Looks like quite a confident goat, head and shoulders above his peers!