Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Silly Old Postcards

Still cleaning out the old stuff...*

Isn't this a creepy postcard? I mean, seriously. The scale of the disembodied, hovering orange relative to the overly made-up, apparently anesthetized face. Sheesh! Courtesy of my friend Carolyn, it's from Morocco, where many, many odd postcards once could be found.

As some of you know, I was a huge fan of the old TV show "Thirtysomething." Hence this card from my friend Liz, mailed in 1995.

Another old Morocco postcard, also from Carolyn. Sultry, and yet...not.

My friends Kevin and John sent this to me in May 1984, my senior year of high school, when they went to Daytona Beach while I was stuck at home for four weeks with mononucleosis. Knowing my enthusiasm for tree sloths they chose a card featuring the skeleton of a giant ground sloth, on display at a local museum. "I wonder if he died of mono?" Kevin wrote helpfully.

Sent by my friend Suzanne in 1989. Inside message: "I can't run again."

Back then, we thought Ronald Reagan was as bad as it could get. Boy, were we wrong!

My friend Liz sent me this card from Marrakech in August 1993. (It was printed in Spain, so we can't pin this one on the Moroccans.) "You are the one person I thought would really like this card," she wrote. Very retro, even then!

This might be my favorite -- mailed from Key West by my friends Arthur and Cherie in 1989. "I couldn't think of anyone who would appreciate this card more than you," Arthur wrote. I'm not sure what that says about me. But he's probably right.

*Unlike the old valentines, I saved all these!


  1. Clearly your real life friends think you have a weird sense of humour! We visited Essaouira once and I am sure that you have been there too. It is a special and memorable town, sitting there on the edge of North Africa with so much history and maze-like streets and the wind and the gulls abd the freshly squeezed orange juice. Yes I remember...

  2. Don't ever throw these postcards away. In years to come, when aliens take over our deserted planet earth, they need to see this.

    I loved thirtysomething. When we came back to Europe after several years in Africa and Asia, I used to watch different seasons simultaneous, switching from the Irish to the UK tv channels. More than anything, it helped me return to western life and our icky little crises.

  3. I loved Thirtysomething too. So much. I still miss those characters.
    Those postcards. Jeez! The last one is sick and twisted.
    I agree with Sabine- they should be in a time capsule.

  4. I do not save stuff like that. I have a box of stuff from school to the time I got married I guess of stuff I saved. I started going through it recently, bundles of old letters from boyfriends and pictures and things, reading through some of the letters, I couldn't even remember who they were. I tossed them.

  5. these are hilarious and so confusing. love it.

  6. Kittysomething - hahahaha! I loved that show too. I think it's great that you're the friend that people think of when they want to send a weird postcard :)

  7. A P.S.: I have had the same thought about Ronald Reagan many times.

  8. Excellent cards! The spelling mistake (sieze) made me cringe.

  9. Ya, I'd save these. They are different and have some humor and quirkiness to them.

  10. Now THIS is memorabilia worth keeping! And I agree with The Bug - it's great that you're *that* friend :)

  11. I'd save those cards---hardly run of the mil and neither are you!