Monday, February 8, 2016

The Purge

I was a whirlwind yesterday. I cleaned the flat and then, purge-o-rama! Dave has a habit of piling clothes rather haphazardly on top of his wardrobe, until there are leaning, sliding piles. I took them all down and went through them, refolded everything, put away what he wanted to keep and bagged up what he didn't. He was very cooperative through this process, and we even found several items (a brand-new unworn shirt, a pair of navy blue pants still in their packaging) that I suspect he'd forgotten he had.

I also found some literally moth-eaten pants in a closet. Dave had been saving them because "they're nice pants," as he said, but he never wore them. As a result, we didn't discover the nibbled filigree from the moths until it was too late. I had to throw them out! I guess we should get some mothballs.

Anyway, now Dave's clothing is much more manageable. I cleaned out my own clothing, too, as well as our bookshelf and some other odds and ends. There's more to do, but we're in much better shape than we were. We carried six bags of stuff to the Oxfam thrift store, plus some jackets on hangers.

Although somewhat inspired by the Marie Kondo book, I didn't re-fold everything as she suggested and free my socks (for example) from the torment of being balled up in a drawer. That's how you store socks, as far as I'm concerned.

I really want to work on the cabinets in the dining room, where we have boxes we've never unpacked after our move from Notting Hill to West Hampstead. I mean, really. If we haven't used that stuff by now, a year and a half later, do we need it?

Probably not.

In the afternoon I took Olga to the Heath, and I didn't bring the camera this time, so there are no photos. But you know what they'd look like anyway. She got terrifically muddy (again).

Last night a wildly windy, rainy gale passed over as I sat in the living room. I think it may have been part of Storm Imogen, our latest named weather event. I thought she was supposed to strike today, but maybe she showed up early? Southern England is supposed to have crazy winds this morning, but I think that will mostly affect the areas in the southwest. It sounds pretty calm out there now...

(Photo: Near Oxford Circus, a few weeks ago.)


  1. Now Mr Reed, just lie down on the couch, close your eyes and let us consider your ataxophobia... By the way each consultation costs £99.99. Cash only please. I am sure that we will be able to counter the problem and gradually make you as messy as your husband. Where shall we begin? Let's return to your childhood...

  2. Will you come and help us sort the rest of our stuff up for packing and tossing? :)

  3. What a good husband you are!
    My own husband and I need to go through that process. So badly.

  4. i couldn't make the sock switch either. a little too much anthropomorphizing in that book! congrats on making some headway in the stuff department.

  5. believe it or not I still have a few lingering things from our initial move to the country house that have not found a place but not been gotten rid of. I should probably attend to that.

  6. It's good to get on a roll with decluttering. I hate to tell ya doesn't last!!! the older we get the worse it gets.

  7. I did some of the same this weekend and took some clothes to the re-sale store and some to Goodwill. And, now that you mention it, I still have three boxes from my move October before last. I really need to get those sorted out. See, Marie Kondo's book is having a ripple effect on people that didn't even read it.
    Try lavender for your closet. You can get lavender sachets to put in the closet and in drawers and it keeps the moths away.

  8. Oh, lord. I fear this post may bring about a fit of cleaning out my own things. The post should come with a warning as it may induce motivation.

  9. Cedar will also work in place of mothballs, which are a volatile chemical (a pesticide) that keeps on giving ... and giving ... they also cause respiratory problems in some folks.

    You had a very productive weekend!

  10. I love the result of cleaning out a space or two. I just realized last week that I had been wearing shoes that were too small -- all of them! So I liberated my toes and bought 3 new pairs of shoes. Today I bagged up 24 pairs of shoes, some still in very good shape. It's like parting with old friends. But well worth the luxury of toe room and a reason to wear thick luxurious socks now. There are still so many corners and cubbies and surfaces to unclutter. If I weren't leaving town tomorrow, I would forge ahead after reading your post.

    Thanks again for finding my blog that has been in hibernation for the past year!

  11. I've always loved the name "Imogen" and think it's under-used! Great name for a hurricane, too!

    I love the photo you've posted -- Benito is my father's middle name. He and his twin brother were named after Mussolini, if you can believe it!

  12. York: I had to look up ataxophobia! This is not a disorder from which I want to be cured, however...

    Lynne: I have a hunch your job is much bigger than mine!

    Ms Moon: We all need that process, repeatedly. Stuff accumulates! Maybe if/when you move to Apalachicola?

    Herding: The anthropomorphizing is fascinating in an abstract way, and very Japanese. But yeah, when it comes right down to it, I don't buy it.

    Ellen: Well, it's not like you don't have enough to do!

    Red: You just gotta stay on top of it! :)

    Sharon: I wonder if re-use shops are seeing a boom in donations with Marie's popularity? Thanks for the lavender tip!

    Angella: It has its good and bad points. I think it's repetitive and a little silly, but as motivation it certainly can't hurt!

    Gary: LOL! The first time my blog has needed a reader warning, I think.

    Jenny-O: Good to know! I'm not crazy about mothballs either. I just didn't know other things would work.

    Barbara: Wow! Well, it's got to be nice to be rid of all those shoes. Lots more closet space! Looking forward to your trip!

    Elizabeth: Funny! So if Benito is your father's middle name, what is his brother's?!

  13. I love that you are going for it.
    (My socks do feel much happier, you know.)