Tuesday, December 5, 2006

E. 29th Street, November 2006

Fallen leaves sometimes create a ghostly stain on sidewalks. These were particularly nice stains - so detailed, yet beautifully smudged when the leaves were swept away. They seemed to represent this period of autumn moving into winter.

I've decided to go on retreat this year for New Year's Eve, along with the folks at the Zen center I attend. I've never done this before, but every year they go up to a lodge in Connecticut and spend a week in silent meditation. I can't go for the entire week because of work, but I'm going to go up for the weekend just before the holiday. They hold a special ceremony to bring in the New Year, and it sounds like a nice, mindful way to deepen our bonds as a community. (I'd like to do something different this year anyway - between you and me, I hate champagne!)

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