Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Greenwich Village, Sept. 2006

This lion keeps watch from a wall on Mercer Street, near the Angelika cinema. The Angelika is a very popular movie theater on Houston Street for indie and foreign films. It's always crowded, which unfortunately means you've got to line up like cattle in the chaotic lobby cafe.

I learned some interesting things about photo quality during my holiday trip to Florida. For one thing, my blog photos looked terrible on my Mom's computer. I think it has something to do with the resolution of her monitor, but it was troubling to think that some poeple look at my blog and see THAT! Also, when I post from somewhere other than home, I usually e-mail the photos to myself, and in this case, that seemed to degrade the quality a bit too. (I've since reposted them from home.)

I'm enjoying my Christmas gifts. My most surprising gift came from my friend Sue: It's a CD of Maria Muldaur singing the love songs of Bob Dylan. It's really good! (In college I was known, and mocked, for liking Muldaur's song "Midnight at the Oasis," already an oldie by that time. But Sue and I agree that she did a great job on this recent CD, called "Heart of Mine.")

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