Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lafayette Street, Sept. 2006

This curious sticker was slapped over a poster advertising a bad horror movie. If I'm not mistaken, that pig has wings. I guess the artist is having some fun with his own last name, Hamm?

I'm getting questions about the status of my recent speed dating adventure - so here's an update. One of the three guys I met that night, Nathan, never called me back, thus violating a sacred rule of the speed dating ritual...but whatever. The other two, Robert and Dave, I've seen - Robert once and Dave twice. I think I'll see them again. But while they're nice guys, they might not take kindly to being blog subjects, so for now, that's all you're going to get out of me!

I finally got around to reading Buzz Bissinger's article in Vanity Fair about the family depicted (rather crazily) in Augusten Burroughs' memoir "Running With Scissors." They allege that Burroughs made up many of the incidents in his book. I'm not sure why this is such a big deal, frankly. I understand why they're hurt, but their allegations seem less serious than those facing James Frey, of "A Million Little Pieces" - more like elaborate embroidery than wholesale invention. I mean, did anyone believe that "Running With Scissors" was journalism? (For the record, I think Burroughs' subsequent book, "Dry," was much better - more substantial, more compelling and seemingly more inherently truthful.)

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