Friday, December 22, 2006

SoHo, December 2006

This is the sales office for Ian Schrager's new condominium project, 40 Bond. The interesting interior screen first caught my eye, but when I took the photo through the window I liked the way the reflection from the street added another visual layer.

Tonight I will be winging my way to Florida for a few days. I plan to keep blogging from there, but I'll be staying at my Mom's house, and she has a dialup Internet connection - so I make no promises, except that I will try.

Last night I had a rare New York opportunity - a visit to Gramercy Park. It's a gated, private park at the southern end of Lexington Avenue, accessible only to the people who live around it (who pay for the privelege). I had dinner with a guy (one of my "speed dates"!) who had a key, so we took a stroll through the manicured grounds, admiring the big Christmas tree and enjoying the stars. I almost never see stars in New York, but I could pick out Orion. It was a nice end to a pleasant evening!

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