Monday, February 5, 2007

Bowery, February 2007

Here's something new - my very own video! This building is going up at 235 Bowery, at Prince Street, and it's sheathed in drifting white tarpaulins. On windy days these tarps billow like ships' rigging (not that I've ever been on a ship with rigging), making the entire structure seem as ghostly as The Flying Dutchman, endlessly sailing the seas. This building probably will not endlessly sail the Bowery - I'm sure it will be finished soon enough. No one ever lets real estate languish in this town!

I initially took some still photos of the building, but that just didn't cut it. They didn't capture the beauty of the motion of those tarps. So I switched to the seldom-used video function on my camera and, after some experimenting, came up with this. The compressed file for YouTube isn't great quality, and for some reason I lost the sound, but hey, it's a start.

What this can't convey is how COLD it was when I filmed this on Sunday. I'm guessing it was about 30 degrees (or -1 degree for those of you who use celsius).*

*Actually, it was 20F, or -6.7C

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