Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bowery, October 2006

I’m so stupid! I should have used this photo yesterday! Oh well...better late than never. It’s a sincere message to all my blog readers, particularly if Valentine’s Day wasn’t really on your radar, as it wasn’t on mine. (More “I love you” graffiti here.)

Speaking of which, I didn't explain why I posted that personal ad yesterday. I thought it was a great little minimalist short story - two lines with a bit of mystery. Did Faye dump Julian? Or have they been married 50 years and he asks her every year? What do you think?

The weather yesterday was what forecasters, using a term I love, call “wintry mix.” (Doesn’t it sound like a minty ingredient in a frozen drink?) It’s part snow, part sleet, part rain - a slushy concoction that accumulates in big puddles at the street corners. You have to leap like an acrobat to preserve your shoes.

Last night, my downstairs neighbor was making an inordinate amount of noise, playing music and guffawing uproariously with a visiting friend. I had to laugh, thinking about my post yesterday extolling the joys of ambient sound. I take it all back! (Well, maybe not ALL of it.)

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