Friday, March 23, 2007

SoHo, March 2007

Another shot from our heavy snow last week. I liked the careful way those pots were spaced, and that red gives the scene a nice jolt of color, though it's a bit subdued in the shadows.

In about three hours I'll be on a plane to L.A. to visit my friends Jerry and Christopher for a long weekend. I really like visiting L.A. They live in a great old part of West Hollywood, between Santa Monica and Sunset Boulevards, and I like getting out and exploring their neighborhood. (I shocked Christopher on my last visit by walking to Sunset Boulevard for coffee. He said, "No one EVER walks here!")

I took my cat to the vet to be boarded while I'm away, which I feel guilty about, because she HATES the vet. But she needs her thyroid meds, so that was my only alternative. If her thyroid levels are better now with the medicine, I think we'll be able to proceed with that crazily expensive treatment that should cure this problem once and for all. Which will reduce everybody's stress level around here...

Oh, and my shoulder is completely well, thank you for asking. I guess it was just a strain. I was back at the gym as usual this week and had no problems. Whew!

Anyway, I'm not sure what my blogging situation will be out in the Golden State, so posting may be more sporadic or I may just wait until I return on Tuesday. If that's the case, have a good weekend, everybody!

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