Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Times Square, January 2007

There's a large mosaic map of New York City on the wall of the police substation in Times Square. It includes small metal symbols for some of the city's most prominent landmarks. But as you can see, it's suffered a bit of vandalism - someone has made off with City Hall and the Brooklyn Bridge.

This has been a wild week. Once again, my volunteer activities have ganged up on me, demanding attention all at the same time.

I'm helping with a spring fundraiser for the Zendo, which has taken several hours of work in the past few days, and I've been helping to put the finishing touches on our regular online newsletter. I’m also signed up for a retreat this weekend that will require my assistance in some ceremonies. On top of this, I'm the president of the board that runs the building where I live, which is undergoing some improvements and changes. And the organizers of AIDS Walk New York have started contacting me because last year I captained the team for the company where I work - and it's time to build a team again.

Good grief.

It's funny how things like this come all at once. All of these events and duties are important to me, but when they come on strong this way, my head starts to spin. I find myself taking a defensive stance - as if they're the enemy that must be vanquished so I can get back to living my life.

Instead, I have to remember, all these things ARE my life. They are not the "other." They are not obstacles.

And after all, I got myself into all this, so I can’t really complain!

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